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Recent Students: 17Total Hours: 216Last Online:
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About Me

I am passionate about sports, I love to watch it as well as play myself.

Tutor Experience

I am a university lecturer with 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience as well as 15 years of industry experience. I am patient and listen well to the needs of my students. My degree was in economics, master in Real Estate and I have great numerical skills.

I have tutored many students towards BSc, MSc and A-level graduation.

Topic Expertise

Real Estate Valuation
Real Estate Investment
Property development
Basics real estate economics
Property Mathematics

Client Reviews

Great lesson as always!!!

- Real Estate

Ytzen was unbelievably helpful in prepping me for my impending exam. He spoke clearly and was kind enough to rephrase things when I still didn't understand. I appreciate all the support and guidance! Thanks

- Real Estate

Had a great lesson with Ytzen. Really helpful and definitely have a better understanding for the topic we went through!

- Real Estate

Really helpful for my exam prep and going over things I didn't understand :)

- Real Estate

Was a pleasure working with Ytzen, will definitely keep in touch. Really appreciated the effort he took explaining topics into depth, making sure I understand everything.

- Real Estate

Perfect! great tutor, I will keep working with Ytzen.

- Real Estate

Great lesson, Ytzen was able to walk me through the basics and fundamentals of Term & Reversion & Layer Method. I feel like I have a much better understanding now.

- Real Estate

I highly recommend Ytzen. He is highly dedicated and reliable. He helped me prepare for my exam, during that time whether relocating or with 5 hours time difference he never failed to prepare for the class and keep in touch.
He was invested in each question/class with a clear goal - to make me understand and pass my exam (I will take it tomorrow).
I can not recommend Ytzen enough he was the exact shoulder I needed to rely on and all his students are truly lucky to have a teacher like him.

- Real Estate

really useful, went over my attempts to past paper questions

- Real Estate

great and detailed explanation

- Real Estate


Hi Ytzen, results back.

63% overall in the module and 81% in the exam! All thanks to you, if you're happy I’d like to carry on our sessions from next semester whenever I need them!

Cheers again.

Year 2 undergraduate at Oxford Brookes

Ytzen was a really great and incredibly helpful tutor.

I went from really struggling with the course content to getting a distinction in my exam.

Thank you so so much for your help, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

Edie (Bayes Business School/City University of London)

Ytzen van der Werf – Tutor in real estate investment

My son Ed had been experiencing great difficulty grasping the fundamentals of investment and the relationship of property in that world during his university course finals year. This made it very difficult for him to attempt any valuation of investment property.
Ytzen has managed to not only get Ed past that point but has indeed enlightened him to such a degree that he has become top of class and we fully expect him to obtain a good honours degree which he would not otherwise have been able to do.

The students at UWE where Ytzen lectures are lucky to have him and I hope they appreciate that not all university courses now manage to truly teach a subject.

Our thanks to Ytzen

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Highly qualified tutor with a Master in Real Estate Management, Post Graduate Certification in Higher Education to teach at universities and working towards a PhD in Real Estate Valuation.