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PhD in economics, I give private classes in Microeconomics at any level (Undergraduate/Bachelor, Master, PhD).

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Warwick University - Microeconomics/Economics - PhD, MSc, MA, BA

PhD in economics, I give private classes in Microeconomics at any level (Undergraduate/Bachelor, Master, PhD).

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About Me

I am full time Economics professor, with PhD (and Master) in Economics at University Carlos III Madrid (with cum laude) and Master in Financial Mathematics at Warwick University (with distinction) … and so on.

I am an expert in Economics, in particular Microeconomics, Applied Mathematics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization and so on (at any level).

My goal is to teach students to be autonomous in solving problems and exercises. I focus in the areas where the student most struggle. I am practical and objective so you don't waste time.

I am passionate for the sea and for adventure. In my free time, I am usually do long-distance cycling or open waters swimming.

Tutor Experience

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in ECONOMICS both offline and online in different subjects and different kind of students. I also have experience in thesis and assignments supervision and one-to-one tutoring.

I deliver high-quality tutoring.
I work with all kinds of students from any program/university in the planet: from students that want urgently to pass the subject to students that are looking for an outstanding grade.

I really LOVE teaching and interact with students. I enjoy share my knowledge and see my students scoring in their exams as if they were my scores.


Topic Expertise

Microeconomics (any level)
Game Theory (any level)
Industrial Organization (any level)

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Very interactive and helpful tutor!

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PhD and Master in Economics (University Carlos III Madrid)
MSc in Financial Mathematics (Warwick University)
Undergraduate in Economics (Catholic University Portugal)