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Experienced tutor with a specialisation in Economics and Politics.

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SOAS, University of London - Economics - MSc

Experienced tutor with a specialisation in Economics and Politics.

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All-time Students: 6
Total Classes: 55
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Recent Students: 6Total Hours: 49Last Online:
All-time Students: 6Total Classes: 55Signed Up:

About Me

Hello there! I am an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor with a genuine passion for nurturing the potential in every student. With a friendly and approachable teaching style, I strive to create a supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to ask questions and explore their curiosities.

My approach to tutoring is comfortable, finding ways of engaging my student, while at the same time, I remain very focused on generating positive results and success with your subject. I am very interested that my students participate actively in the lesson, and feel comfortable to ask questions and to become confident and empowered learners. I aim to always be approachable, even outside of class, so that the student will not hesitate to reach out. I found that the best results are generated after the initial stage - where good rapport and trust is established - maintaining an ongoing relationship and long-term commitment is a key recipe to success.

I look forward to meeting each one of my tutees!

Tutor Experience

I hold a postgraduate degree in Economics and over 500h of tutoring experience in Economics, Politics, 11+ subjects, and Mathematics. I am looking forward to being able to meet new people through teaching online, and coaching my students may have with their subjects in a fun, friendly, and engaging manner!

I have professional experience in research and banking.
I have also assisted undergraduate students from various fields (Economics, Psychology, Marketing, and Politics) by helping them write critical reviews, appraisals, and essays. My support primarily focuses on elements such as organization, structure, critical analysis, research, secondary reading, and writing. I have provided guidance to students in different disciplines to enhance their writing skills and improve the quality of their academic work.

Topic Expertise

Economics, social sciences, politics (American and UK), international relations, econometrics

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PPE (BA Hons) 2:1
Economics (MSc) Distinction
Law (PGDL)