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An experienced and dedicated Primary school teacher with a love for English literature. I am very passionate about passing on my enthusiasm for reading and writing to my students.

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Nottingham Trent - English Literature and Language - Masters of Education

An experienced and dedicated Primary school teacher with a love for English literature. I am very passionate about passing on my enthusiasm for reading and writing to my students.

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About Me

I am a highly experienced and dedicated teacher and have always instilled a love of learning in my pupils. I have successfully taught across KS1 and KS2, so I possess in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and skills needed to ensure your child’s learning success. I am also the Reading Leader, where I ensure the teaching of reading and phonics is of the highest quality and responsible for pupil outcomes across the school. Currently, I am undertaking a Master’s in Education which challenges me to continue looking for fresh and innovative approaches to teaching. I am passionate about one-on-one tutoring. It is the most fantastic feeling seeing children have that light bulb moment of understanding and realisation, allowing them to fulfil their potential.

As a young child, I found it difficult to learn the basics of reading, writing and mathematics. This led to my parents seeking a private tutor, and with their help, my understanding of previously tricky concepts began falling into place. Very quickly, I went from a child who disliked English to amazed by the power of a good book to take you to another world. This love inspired my degree in English Literature and Language and to teach other children like me to start enjoying reading and writing. It’s fantastic to help students unpick and identify learning gaps and find the bespoke solution they need to thrive.

When I’m not teaching, you will probably find me snuggled up with my head in a good book or on a long walk with my husband and cockapoo. I love learning new things, and I’m always on the lookout for a new recipe to try.

Tutor Experience

For many children, learning can be very challenging, leaving many with anxiety over their learning experiences and difficulties in reading and writing. Education shouldn’t be like this. Often children need a little help to gain confidence, learn new skills and begin enjoying learning. By working as a tutor, I am able to focus solely on your child’s needs and make a real difference to them. In my teaching approach, I combine patience with enthusiasm to convey conveying skills and knowledge in bespoke, memorable lessons to build your child’s confidence.

At the beginning of our tutoring journey, I always carry out an initial assessment to pinpoint any learning gaps and where the focus is needed. From this, I tailor lessons to their abilities and focus on areas often overlooked in large classes, enabling rapid progress. The sessions will have a structured approach with small practical steps to build your child’s confidence. Through my teaching experience, I have honed many creative teaching strategies to meet your child’s needs and genuinely engage them in their learning.

For students who are feeling the panic of approaching exams, whether that is GCSEs, SATs or the Phonics Screening Check, I often find support is needed with exam techniques. By calmly working together to look at potential questions and structuring answers that fulfil the exam criteria to ensure success.

I am truly passionate about reading, as seen in my bachelor’s degree choice of English Literature and Language. I enjoy sparking my pupils’ interest and passing on this enthusiasm. Sessions will focus on gaining reading fluency and delving deeper into a range of text types while writing effectively by applying an extensive vocabulary, knowledge of grammatical terminology and accurate spellings. From our sessions, I hope to unlock your child’s creativity and imagination and, most importantly, gain confidence in English!

Topic Expertise

I am confident in preparing pupils for their English Literature and Language GCSE. I guarantee to read any text your child is covering at school so that I can share in-depth knowledge and understanding of the text, ensuring our sessions are the most effective. However, I also offer a personalised curriculum tailored to their individual needs and targets.

- Literacy KS1 and 2 – reading, writing and grammar, with a focus on preparation for SATs
- Phonics
- Maths KS1 and 2 – arithmetic and reasoning
- English Literature and Language in KS3 and 4 with a focus on preparing learners for their GCSEs

Client Reviews

Really good,the only problem is our Internet but all in all,a great season

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nothing bad

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I had the pleasure of working with Mrs S and she is a highly dedicated teacher whose main goals is to help any learners in the best way. She is patient, resourceful and willing to listen to any concerns. Certainly recommend her service to anyone who need helps.

I worked with Mrs S in a local primary school and I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a tutor to work with your child. Mrs S is very organised, professional and friendly with her approach to children. She makes sure all children are well supported with work to suit their individual needs/targets.

I worked closely with Mrs S in a Primary school, she has a lovely manner with children and always makes sure they are learning in the best way suited to them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for further help for their child/children.

I couldn't recommend Mrs S enough! She's made such a difference to my daughters learning.
My daughter is dyslexic and has been falling behind in school. Since starting with Mrs. S, her self-confidence and abilities have increased massively.
Mrs. S makes learning fun, and my daughter looks forward to the lessons. Thank you!

Background Checks



Master’s in Education - Nottingham Trent University, September 2021 – Ongoing

Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Nottingham Trent University

Bachelor of Arts English Literature and Language – Open University

Special Educational Needs, NCC Level 3 - Distant Learning

Edexcel Advanced Diploma Business, Finance, Admin Level 3 - North Hertfordshire College

10 GCSE’s, grade A* - B - Stratton Upper School