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Empathic and passionate teacher of Physics with a long history of successful students

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Lancaster - Physics - BSc(Hons)

Empathic and passionate teacher of Physics with a long history of successful students

Recent Students: 9
Total Hours: 406
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All-time Students: 24
Total Classes: 408
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Recent Students: 9Total Hours: 406Last Online:
All-time Students: 24Total Classes: 408Signed Up:

About Me

I am a passionate teacher of Physics with considerable experience and a drive to help others understand and enjoy the subject.
I have 23 years' experience as a teacher in English secondary schools, most of which have been grammar schools and I have been Head of Physics and Head of Science for most of my career.
I have written 3 text books and also provide professional development to teachers.

I have considerable breadth of experience in supporting students to success at GCSE and A Level. Understanding the misconceptions that arise and the challenges that face students, as well as having marked examinations over many years, allows me to be highly effective in my approach, as I am able to choose the right approach on an individual basis.

Tutor Experience

Began teaching in 1993
Taught in mixed comprehensive, Boys' Independant, Girls' and Boys' Grammar schools (all 11-18)
Head of Physics and Head of Science for much of my career
Taught AQA GCSE and A Level
Edexcel A Level
I believe that everyone can succeed, with the right support and encouragement and my students' success is testimony to this
Extensive online experience, through lockdown for COVID. I began a You Tube Channel to support my students during this time.

Topic Expertise

I train teachers in teaching Physics

I have taught both GCSE and A Level throughout my career (since 1993) and so I am an expert on the curriculum (especially AQA GCSE and A Level Physics)

I have written Cambridge IGCSE Physics Workbook and various teaching and learning resources, including for online providers, such as Seneca Learning and Kognity.

Client Reviews

Brilliant class. Fully understood everything and promptly passed an unexpected test at school the following week!

- Physics

very helpful

- Physics

My son has had weekly sessions with Darrell for a number of weeks now and seems to be growing steadily in confidence. Darrell is focused on the needs of the individual student, thoughtful and generous with his time. We feel pretty lucky having found him.

- Physics

our 16 year old was get close to giving up Physics after 5 months into his year 12 course but the regular weekly sessions with Darrell have given him the confidence again that he can get it and he has appreciated being able to plan the keep focus areas together

- Physics

Very helpful, finished off standing waves mixed in with more complex exam questions

- Physics

Yes good tutorial. Supposed to be introductory but full tutorial given! Sam enjoyed the class.

- Physics

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