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Professional Online Secondary Physics Tutors

All of our high quality online secondary physics tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Physics tutor Dr. Leonardo
Physics and Maths, Trinity College, University of Cambridge; ETH Zurich, Switzerland

I am an expert Oxbridge tutor with over 3000 hours of online teaching experience. I can help you improve your grades (IB, A levels, university) and get into Cambridge, Oxford and other prestigious universities.

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809 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Mehmet
Physics, Bogazici University

I am an experienced faculty member at the university and an IB examiner. I worked at CERN as a researcher during my doctoral studies.

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743 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Darrell
Physics, Lancaster

Empathic and passionate teacher of Physics with a long history of successful students

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405 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Yeung
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Science: Chemistry & Master of Arts in Education, University College London (UCL)

I am a dedicated science teacher with 5 years of secondary school teaching experience in London. I am passionate about teaching and education. I am currently studying for a PhD, and have a MA from UCL and a BSc from University of St Andrews.

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professional online Physics tutor Galym
Physics, Pavlodar state pedagogical university

Experienced online A-level, GCSE, IB Physics tutor. 10+ years of teaching experience. Taught 2000+ hours of online lessons. 50+ positive reviews from parents and students.

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101 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Jorge
MSc Materials Engineering, KU Leuven

Empathetic, committed and passionate. Over 6000 hours of tutoring experience. Fluent in English, Spanish and French. My approach is mostly based on briefly discussing the theory and then placing the majority of the time of the session on doing exercises. Really looking forward to booking our first session!

MSc in Materials Engineering with a Major in Metals and Ceramics. Minor in 3D printing. Currently conducting research in Molecular Dynamics simulations for the master's thesis

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324 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Magued
Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary

Well-Trained, multilingual, passionate private tutor with 25+ years of extensive experience in Maths and Physics subjects at various educational levels. Throughout the years, I have supported hundreds maybe thousands of students at several international schooling systems including American (SAT, AP), British (IGCSE, A-Level), SABIS, IB diplomas, and Canadian diplomas; with additional exposure to certain university-level courses in Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics.

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1774 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Michael
Biochemistry and Microbiology, Westminster university

PhD educated and owner of a small tuition centre focused on KS3+4 science.

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314 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor James
Environmental Engineering and Geochemistry, Newcastle University

I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Geochemistry and I am passionate about teaching natural sciences to the next generation, and getting people interested in STEM subjects. From August 2024 I will be teaching Geography (and eventually Geology) at a Sixth Form college, so while I may have limited availability, I invite anyone who is self-motivated and interested in excelling to get in contact with me.

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1883 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Edward
Mathematics Education, King's College London

I am passionate about helping every student, whatever their ability level, to reach their own Eureka moment. When they realise that Maths is a creative, stimulating subject with applications in the real world.

I can teach all secondary level (11-18) mathematics and applied mathematics at undergraduate level. More specifically I can help you work towards the skills you’ll need to complete:

Maths, Physics and Chemistry
- IB
Maths and Physics
- University entrance exams

View Full Profile
363 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Uros
Electrical Engineering, University of Defence (Belgrade, Republic of Serbia)

Expert IB MYP/DP, Cambridge IGCSE/GCSE/AS/A Level, U.S. Faculty Admission (SAT/ACT/AP) Math and Physics Online Tutor with 10 years of experience

View Full Profile
1633 hours taught
professional online Physics tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1961 hours taught

Recent Physics Secondary Tutor Class Reviews

Yeung - Atir- Physics - Secondary
22nd June 2023
I enjoyed my lesson very much and now have a better understanding of ecology!
Yeung - Atir- Physics - Secondary
18th May 2023
I had a great class, thank you so much! I am now very confident with enzymes and I am also now clear on the differences between compounds and mixtures! Thank you so much, again, looking forward to next lesson!
Yeung - Atir- Physics - Secondary
14th May 2023
I had a great class, thank you so much! I am now very confident with enzymes and I am also now clear on the differences between compounds and mixtures! Thank you so much, again, looking forward to next lesson!
Yeung - Atir- Physics - Secondary
11th May 2023
I had a lot of fun in the lesson today, I understand enzymes much better than before and the sheet for "the structure of a leaf" has been very useful, especially for revision. I am looking forward to next lesson! Thank you so much!
Darrell - Janet- Physics - Secondary
28th March 2023
My son has had weekly sessions with Darrell for a number of weeks now and seems to be growing steadily in confidence. Darrell is focused on the needs of the individual student, thoughtful and generous with his time. We feel pretty lucky having found him.
Darrell - Janet- Physics - Secondary
14th March 2023
our 16 year old was get close to giving up Physics after 5 months into his year 12 course but the regular weekly sessions with Darrell have given him the confidence again that he can get it and he has appreciated being able to plan the keep focus areas together
Galym - Olga- Physics - Secondary
9th January 2023
Galym is a wonderful teacher! My daughter really enjoys working with him. Very patient, empathic and professional. Calmly and very accessible explains the content, moving towards the intended goal. I am very glad we got a luck meeting him! Despite the difficult task, my daughter is not going to give up on an idea to do a 1 year course within a very short period of time just because she is confident about her result thanks to the amazing teacher she has!
Dr. Leonardo - Clarence- Physics - Secondary
28th November 2022
Excellent teacher! Explains the concept in detail and make it understandable
Mehmet - Alessandra- Physics - Secondary
20th July 2022
Excellent tutor and always happy to explain difficult things in a easy and calm way!
Kevin - Afraa- Physics - Secondary
8th March 2022
Just had my first lesson with him. Extremely clear explanations and helps a lot during difficult questions. Great teacher and nice guy in general.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Online secondary school physics tutors FAQs Tutors at Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your physics tutors have?

Our physics tutors at Spires Online Tutors are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in the field. They hold advanced degrees in physics or related disciplines, ensuring they have the expertise to provide effective tutoring.

How do you match students with physics tutors?

We carefully match students with physics tutors based on their specific needs and preferences. We consider factors such as the student’s level of understanding, learning style, and availability to ensure the best possible match for a productive tutoring experience.

Can I choose a physics tutor based on their teaching style?

Absolutely! We understand that every student has unique learning preferences. When you sign up with Spires Online Tutors, you can specify your preferred teaching style, and we will do our best to match you with a physics tutor who aligns with your requirements.

Are your physics tutors experienced in teaching the UK curriculum?

Yes, our physics tutors are well-versed in the UK curriculum. They have experience teaching students at various levels, including GCSE and A-level physics. They are familiar with the syllabus and can provide tailored guidance to help students excel in their exams.

How do online physics tutoring sessions work?

Our online physics tutoring sessions are conducted through our user-friendly virtual classroom platform. Students and tutors can interact in real-time using video, audio, and chat features. Tutors can share resources, explain concepts, and provide personalised guidance to help students understand and master physics topics.

Can I schedule physics tutoring sessions at my convenience?

Absolutely! We understand that students have busy schedules, so we offer flexible scheduling options. You can choose the date and time that works best for you, and our physics tutors will accommodate your availability.

How do I pay for physics tutoring sessions?

We offer secure and convenient payment options for our physics tutoring services. You can easily make payments through our online platform using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.

What if I’m not satisfied with a physics tutoring session?

At Spires Online Tutors, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with a physics tutoring session, please let us know, and we will work with you to address any concerns. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we are committed to continuously improving our services.

Can I request additional support materials for physics?

Absolutely! Our physics tutors can provide additional support materials, such as practice questions, worksheets, and recommended readings, to supplement your learning. They can also recommend online resources and tools to enhance your understanding of physics concepts.

How do I track my progress in physics tutoring?

We believe in tracking progress to ensure effective learning. Our physics tutors will provide regular feedback and assessments to help you gauge your progress. They will work with you to set goals and monitor your improvement throughout the tutoring sessions.

Are the physics tutoring sessions one-on-one?

Yes, our physics tutoring sessions are one-on-one to ensure personalised attention and tailored guidance. This allows our tutors to focus on your specific needs, address your questions, and provide individualized support to help you succeed in physics.

Can I request a trial session before committing to regular physics tutoring?

Yes, we offer trial sessions for new students who want to experience our physics tutoring services before committing to regular sessions. This allows you to get a feel for our platform, interact with our tutors, and determine if our services align with your learning needs.

How do I cancel or reschedule a physics tutoring session?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a physics tutoring session, simply notify your tutor or contact our support team. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, and we will do our best to accommodate your request and find an alternative time that works for you.

Can I request a different physics tutor if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, we want you to have the best possible tutoring experience. If you’re not satisfied with your assigned physics tutor, please let us know, and we will make arrangements to match you with a different tutor who better suits your needs and preferences.

How do I get started with physics tutoring at Spires Online Tutors?

Getting started with physics tutoring at Spires Online Tutors is easy. Simply sign up on our website, provide your details and requirements, and we will guide you through the process of finding the perfect physics tutor for you. Start your journey to physics success with us today!

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