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University of Medical Science, Keele University School of Medicine, Queen Margaret's University - Medical Sciences, Anatomy and Surgery - Doctorate Degree

I am an experienced professor of anatomy, histology and embryology. I have spent several years in the health services sector and within medical education. My specialist subject is that of human anatomy. I cover all aspects of clinical anatomy, embryology and histology. Anatomy is a vast subject within the basic medical and healthcare sciences and I strongly believe in the importance of the subject within all of the allied health sciences. I offer students the opportunity from learning the subjects and systems approach to the subject both of which I am very versed with. I can help you prepare for board exams, OSCE, essay writing, and general study advice. I have also completed my surgical prescribers training in the United Kingdom and can help with students that are in need of a pharmacology tutor.

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About Me

My name is Dr Cobb and I am an experienced clinician and anatomist. I have taught at Medical University’s for the last few years on the basic medical sciences (Anatomical Sciences). I have taught all the disciplines of the anatomical sciences including embryology, gross anatomy and histology. I have trained and taught in the United Kingdom and in the United States so have a very good understanding of the expectations of differing curriculums. I have experience teaching on both the systems and subjects curriculums of anatomy and have taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have also recently completed my surgical prescribers course in the United Kingdom and my surgical anatomy course as part of my masters and surgical trainee pathway within foot and ankle surgery.

Tutor Experience

Assistant Dean
Xavier University School of Medicine

My role as an assistant dean and assistant professor of anatomy was to ensure that all areas of education within the basic medical sciences were met. I oversaw course curriculum, examination, assessment as well as admissions.

Director of Anatomy
St James School of Medicine

My role as director of anatomy involved being responsible for all aspects of the anatomical curriculum in a medical school. As a director, I was responsible for teaching, examination and assessment as well as overall curriculum design and implementation.

Topic Expertise

Clinical Anatomy
Gross Anatomy
Surgical Anatomy
Medical Imaging
Essay Writing
Examination Preparation
Medical sciences
Nursing sciences
Osteopathic medicine

Client Reviews

Thank you, your help with essay writing skills has been very helpful!

- Academic Writing

Very helpful thank you!

- Academic Writing

I have learned a lot from these classes. My critical writing knowledge and understanding have improved, and I feel more confident. Thank You

- Nursing

I am gaining a lot of knowledge in these classes regarding essay writing. Thank You

- Nursing

Very good tutor.

- Physiology

Great Lesson very satisfied

- Forensic Science

Class was good but internet performance was not and compromised quality of session.

- Physiology

William has made me feel completely at ease with a project that I was finding completely overwhelming and am actually now looking forward to getting started on after his guidance.

- Nursing


- Medicine

Excellent understanding of Respiratory topic area and resources to help with further learning.

- Physiotherapy


"I requested a tutor to help me develop a better understanding of quantitative research design. William has excellent communication skills, and he adapted his teaching style to my knowledge level, which was variable. I found it both funny and reassuring when he switched from level 6 language to level 2 or 3 (mid-sentence) in order to teach me what I needed to know. This helped fill in knowledge gaps in a timely manner. He was also invaluable in helping me streamline my thoughts, and consequentially my written work into something I was proud to submit. If you are looking for someone to do the work for you, then I would say William is not the tutor for you. But if you are looking for someone to help you develop the skills and knowledge required for you to be the best you can be, then I would highly recommend him. Miranda G (Nursing Dissertation)

To whom This May Concern: RE: Reference for William Cobb I have known William for over 5 years. He is an exceptional individual with a very strong work ethic and drive to succeed in whatever he sets his mind to. William has a vast medical background in Acute and Emergency Care and Trauma. He has worked in the trust in which I work as a specialist nurse for a couple of years now. William has always been liked and looked up to by his fellow clinicians and students alike. William has been scouted for a post as a lecturer in Applied Clinical Anatomy and Acute and Emergency Care, where he currently works between Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford’s Human Anatomy Department. William’s clinical background has been finely honed from working in both the Military and the National Health Service. Many of the allied healthcare students that work within the Oxford University Hospital Trust have been taught by William either in practice or in university. I have always had excellent feedback from colleagues and students alike regarding William’s impeccable professionalism and broad knowledge base. I would not hesitate to recommend William Cobb to any medical field of continual study. Regards, Jennifer Gilbert Paediatric Growth and Endocrine Specialist Nurse Oxford University Hospital

I have known William for approximately a year. I first got in contact with William, as I was interested in getting into anatomy teaching and education. During the time I have known William, he has been extremely helpful, honest and approachable. I find that on a teaching note, that he will always go out of his way to explain things to me in a way that I can relate to. I have also had the pleasure to help teach Clinical Anatomy with William. William was able to break down the teaching material so that everyone of all levels could understand and follow what he was saying. He took extra time with students after the class who wanted more information. William is very adaptable and uses a variety of teaching methods during his teaching sessions to make sure all the students are keeping up with the material covered. I would not hesitate to recommend William to any institution, as he is a very valuable asset to the clinical teaching profession. Kind regards Julia Cole Paramedic

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M.Sc Surgery (Currently Studying)
Queen Margaret’s University

D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy)
University of Medical Science

PG.C (Applied Clinical Anatomy)
Keele University School of Medicine

B.Sc Hons
Oxford Brookes University

Dip (Applied Science)
Oxford College


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