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Experienced IB Business , IA,EE , French AB initio and TOK teacher with excellent results from the past 16 years both for IB and IGCSE. Examiner for HL Paper 1, IA, EE and TOK.

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Andhra University - Marketing - MBA

Experienced IB Business , IA,EE , French AB initio and TOK teacher with excellent results from the past 16 years both for IB and IGCSE. Examiner for HL Paper 1, IA, EE and TOK.

Recent Students: 8
Total Hours: 330
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All-time Students: 29
Total Classes: 261
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Recent Students: 8Total Hours: 330Last Online:
All-time Students: 29Total Classes: 261Signed Up:

About Me

I like the new IBDP BM Syllabus from June 2022, I like TOK conversations and am passionate about inventing new ways of learning and tricks to remember various key points. I like Graphology and Tarot card reading as a hobby. Love gamification of classes.

Tutor Experience

From 2007 I have been teaching Business, TOK, French ab initio at various international IB and IGCSE schools for 9th, 10th,11th and 12th grade students. I taught full time Business Management for IB and MYP students at ICS Paris, France ,Mongolia, India on full time basis as well as various other countries for online tutoring . I have been teaching Face to face as well as online also and got great results in both the spaces. I can make the most difficult topic also very interesting and have good case studies for almost all the topics . Most of the results are either 6's or 7's for those students who are regular and devoted. I can also train the students very well who are not interested in the subject at all and still get acceptable results. << I am specialised to complete the whole BM HL syllabus in 10 days - 15 days as a CRASH COURSE>>
BM IA & EE short crash guidance given as an experienced Examiner.

Topic Expertise

Business Management, TOK, Extended Essay, French Ab initio

Client Reviews

Final lesson, very thorough, we went through all the quantitative problems that I was unsure of.

- Business Management

The teacher is very engaged and eager to help with preparation for final exams.

- Business Management

The class was excellent! We discussed my IA and I now have a lot more confidence. We have also been preparing for the Business Management Paper 1 exam and Sharrada has provided excellent help!

- Business Management

Thank you Ms.Sharrada for adjusting my IA question, it was crucial to me and I am looking forward to learning about HR and discussing IA progress weekly.

- Business Management

Really good. We were able to finish a big portion of the course's material thoroughly in just a few lessons and we have a very clear and realistic schedule to help me achieve my goals.

- Business Management

Extremely helpful with my TOK exhibition, great and clear advice!

- Theory of Knowledge

She supported my TOK exhibition, she was the best TOK teacher that I have ever met

- Theory of Knowledge

Really helpful and boosted my confidence like crazy! Sarada is very focused and takes time to understand the needs of the students and plan accordingly and is also very thorough with her teaching.

- Business Management

Ms. Sarada is a life saver! She is patient, articulate, kind and always teaches me creative and useful techniques. She keeps our lessons entertaining and engaging and I am always given fantastic notes. Within one lesson focusing on exam preparation, she allowed me to memorize writing techniques, different tenses, conjugations, different writing formats and I was able to leave the lesson feeling confident. I was previously predicted a level 4, and meeting Ms. Sarada and her magic has elevated me to a level 6 at minimum! I am now, confident in my writing, comprehension and listening for my M22 examinations. I cannot recommend her enough and I wish I had more time spent with her!

- French

Perfect Business teacher. Knows how to make students understand remember difficult topics.

- Business Studies

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MBA,, Diploma in French( DELF)