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Patient, experienced and enthusiastic tutor of chemistry. MChem and DPhil in chemistry from the University of Oxford.

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University of Oxford (Magdalen College) - Chemistry - DPhil Organic Chemistry (awarded September 2020)

Patient, experienced and enthusiastic tutor of chemistry. MChem and DPhil in chemistry from the University of Oxford.

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About Me

I have recently been awarded my DPhil (PhD equivalent) in organic chemistry at the University of Oxford. Prior to this I was an undergraduate student at Magdalen College, the University of Oxford, and I graduated in 2016 in the top 5% of my cohort. Alongside my degree I have taught chemistry at all levels including GCSE and A-Level. I have also helped several students with their applications to study at university (both undergraduate and masters' level) in a wide range of subjects. I am patient and good at explaining difficult topics in multiple ways. I recognise that all students will have different ways in which they learn best, and I will do everything I can to tailor my lessons to you as an individual.

Tutor Experience

I've taught chemistry at GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level, IB, and undergraduate level for the last two years, both in person and online. I’m a patient and enthusiastic tutor and I really enjoy teaching my students. I'm happy to help with all areas of chemistry and I am familiar with the courses run by all major examination boards.

I have extensive experience in online tutoring using an online whiteboard. Since November 2019 I’ve taught over 400 h of lessons online. I’ve tried and tested many online whiteboards with students to find what works best. The one I use allows us both to draw in real time, and at the end I send you a pdf of the lesson so you’ll always have our notes. I plan my lessons thoroughly and I upload a pdf of the key figures/learning points to the whiteboard.

Students have told me how much they have enjoyed my teaching and have even made me cards in the past to thank me! I'm able to teach all areas of chemistry up to degree level, and I specialise in teaching organic chemistry to undergraduate and master’s students.

I've worked with some of the leading educational consultancies and agencies in the UK. I've taught students from top British public schools, including children from families of high and ultra-high net worth. I've taught students from many different countries including the United States, Australia, China, Japan, UAE, Germany, and Singapore. I have also been employed as a tutor for chemistry for several years at Magdalen College, the University of Oxford, where I have taught chemistry and biochemistry. This role included giving regular tutorials, marking work and college examinations. I am passionate about my subject and enjoy helping others to learn and secure the best exam results they can for their future.

Topic Expertise

Undergraduate Organic Chemistry
A Level Chemistry: AQA, OCR A/B, Edexcel, WJEC, CCEA
GCSE Chemistry: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC

Client Reviews

Very good tutor and helped me to understand

- Chemistry

Really good and helpful lessons, also very enjoyable.

- Chemistry

A great lesson Max. Shaan really enjoys being tutored by you - you plan each lesson meticulously, so thank you for your dedication to teaching!

- Chemistry

Great help.

- Chemistry


3rd Year Undergraduate Student - Oxford University:

Max tutored me in undergraduate organic chemistry, and I could not recommend him enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient and made sure that I understood everything before we moved on. He took time before every session to look over past exam questions and topics that I was struggling with to ensure that we made the most of every session. Not only did Max help improve my knowledge and exam technique, but also my confidence. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Max to anyone, thank you for all the help!

Sheena from Hitchin: Thank you Max for tutoring me on a very difficult topic on semiconductor-based photocatalysts especially as you have gone above the call of duty by preparing me for a topic that goes somewhat outside your area of expertise which I know would have required a lot of prep on your end. Thank you again for a very informative lesson based on an especially complex topic!

Mohit from London: Max is a great tutor. He explains very complex and difficult to understand topics in a manner which is easy to follow. Notes are very comprehensive and detailed.

Helen from Sutton Coldfield: My daughter has only had three lessons with Max but already she is finding Max's tutoring enjoyable and interesting. He is calm and explains everything very clearly. His reports after the lesson are also very useful.

Lavanya from Rickmandsworth: Very easy to follow along lessons filled with lots of information. Max has great subject knowledge which allows my son to get a very quick yet deep understanding of concepts.

Hubble from Gosport: “Max is a patient, naturally gifted teacher, who I would highly recommend. Someone who has the unusual talent of being very knowledgeable in their subject, whilst still being able to understand and engage with the perspective's of others who struggle. He always comes prepared, with an inviting attitude.”

Aminah from London: “Max is a brilliant tutor. He has made an immediate difference in my son’s confidence and enthusiasm for chemistry. He clearly explains complex concepts clearly. I can honestly say my son looks forward to his hour.”

Beth from Oxford: “Max tutored me in undergraduate chemistry. He is highly knowledgeable in the subject but also possesses the ability to make it easy to understand for others who don’t naturally find it so easy. I could not recommend Max enough, he helped me so much and I only wish I had found him sooner”

Annabelle from Oxford: “Max tutored me in person last year for degree level chemistry and was a big help in improving my grades. He is definitely very skilled in this subject and should have no problem in tutoring those at the same level or below. He is a thoughtful and patient tutor who always ensured that I understood each question before moving on and gave me some great exam technique tips that I had never considered! Any student looking to improve their grasp of chemistry would be very lucky to have Max as their tutor!”

Sheena from Hitchin: “Max is very knowledgeable and he prepares for the lesson so you can maximise on the time spent. Max is also very prompt and transparent, as well as very helpful. It is great to have a lesson that is well prepared and conducted by somebody who understands their field very well. Thanks Max!”

Charlotte from Dronfield: “Max is a great tutor! Very patient and able to explain things in a clear and concise manner. He always comes to lessons very prepared, providing lots of practice questions which is great preparation for exams! Would highly recommend!”

Sharan: “Needed help for revision for upcoming exam, and Max ensured I understood every new concept before moving on to the next. He is very knowledgeable, and such an obliging tutor. I'm really happy with his teaching methods and will not hesitate to get him again for next exam revision. Many thanks Max”

Anjanie from Sutton Coldfield “My son really enjoys his lessons. Very good at explaining difficult concepts and is very patient.”

Tamara: “The first lesson was very good. Mr. Max explained topic and questions thoroughly.”

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DPhil Organic Chemistry September 2020
First class degree MChem Chemisty - the University of Oxford 2016 (graduated in top 5% of year overall for the 4 year course, highest ranked for organic chemistry.)