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Hi, I'm Rose, an experienced online Chemistry tutor with 16 years of online teaching experience. I have completed over 20,000 successful tutoring hours(and still counting!) for over 1000 students in this span of time. I am passionate about the subject I teach and in bringing out the best in every student.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Rose, a dedicated and enthusiastic tutor. I was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. I did my schooling there, and completed my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Chemistry in India. I worked as a Lecturer at the same University I passed out from right after completing my Masters in Chemistry. I have a very good track record both during my college days and during the days of my lectureship. I was voted the 'Best Out-going Post Graduate Student' of the year. I had to quit my position as lecturer when I had to relocate. It was then that I tried my hand at online tutoring and I received so many requests and positive reviews that it turned into a full time job for me.

I love music; I play the piano and guitar. I love reading mystery, fantasy, biographies and on spirituality. Though I have a busy schedule, I make sure I spend quality time with friends and family. I am a health conscious freak and I make sure I do my yoga almost every day and eat healthy. Though not a serious sports-person, I love playing badminton, basketball, table tennis, and chess. I'm extremely creative. I can make flowers of ceramic, cloth, tissue, paper, ribbons, that look really professional. I also made my own nativity set for Christmas! Another one of my areas of interest is cooking and baking. I love tutoring students. I learn when I teach. I find nothing more satisfying.

Tutor Experience

I have tutored over 1000 students online (students mainly from US and UK, a few from other countries like Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan, UAE, India) and completed over 20,000 successful tutoring hours(and still counting) in a span of 16 years. 98% of my students have completed a whole academic year, if not more with me. My AP, IB and SAT students have come out with great scores. I have a rich exposure to US and UK curriculum, courses like GCSE, IGCSE, A/AS Levels, Basic Chem, Honors Chem, College General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I, and subject tests like AP, IB (SL and HL), SAT II Chem, Regents, STAR, etc. I have been an academic coach to all my students. I am confident that you would find my tutoring sessions enjoyable and easy to follow. I am a hard working and dedicated tutor and I can simplify any concept in Chemistry that may be difficult for you to grasp. With my former experience in teaching both College and school students I am quick to identify the areas that need attention and strengthen them. I am passionate about the subject I teach, passionate about bringing out the best in each student. Patience is my strong point. I personalize the curriculum to cater to each student's needs. I am a very friendly and patient teacher who endeavors to encourage students to use their maximum potential one step at a time. I'm sure working with me would be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Topic Expertise

Chemistry: A/AS levels, GCSE, IGCSE (all boards), College General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Subject tests: AP, IB (SL/HL), SAT II Chem,

Client Reviews

Thank you for walking me through redox calculations so well. I feel so much more confident on this topic now than before. :)

- Chemistry

Explained very well as always- thank you so much! :)

- Chemistry

Super helpful! Thank you Rose! :)

- Chemistry


- Chemistry


- Chemistry

Very easy to follow and understand

- Chemistry

c9+19 questions

- Chemistry

C4 questions, C14 questions

- Chemistry

One more Brilliant lessons

- Chemistry

Brilliant lesson.

- Chemistry


“Excellent instructor. My son received a high grade in his college chemistry class due to the help he received from this instructor.”

“Rose K. is the most helpful teacher. My son is in a rigorous college chemistry class, and Rose helps with his homework and study habits. Thanks to Rose, he is gaining confidence in the class. Rose is the best instructor I have witnessed. Thank you so much.”

“Yes! I liked Rose and I would recommend her to other students. Any type of science has never been my strong point but she was patient and took the time to show me examples. Since I've only had one lesson with Rose for Chemistry (College Intro) I would have to say I learned plenty. She does teach better than my Professor I can say that. I look forward to more sessions with her as my tutor.”

“Yes! Rose is very conducive to my learning progress. She truly takes the time to makes sure the concepts of chemistry are well understood. I am very lucky to have her as my tutor!”

“I came in not really understanding IB Thermochemistry and Rose really helped me. She was able to answer all my questions and further my understanding. Another great lesson and always such a big help. ”

“Rose has helped my son become an excellent student in his chemistry class. She did more than help him succeed with his college chemistry class, she also helped build his confidence to the point where he really likes chemistry. I can't say enough and offer enough gratitude for the help Rose provides my son. Thank you.”

“Rose is a fantastic tutor and person! I could not have asked for a better person to teach me chemistry. I have been very blessed to have Rose be a part of my life, she is the best! Thank you Rose!”

“Cleared everything in a couple minutes. Have an Exam in an hour, and feel much more confident!”

“An excellent tutor. Quick response. Clear work. Flawless. Rose it a tutor you will love learning from. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I surely was not.”

“Rose was very helpful in the way she explained everything and very patient and kind. I struggle a lot with chemistry and for the first time in my three attempts to understand chemistry I'm actually hopeful I may be successful this round!”

“Rose was extremely patient and walked me through every step of the way :) well educated and polite. Would definitely recommend her and would prefer to be taught by her again.”

“I loved the way everything was explained and shown. It really helped me understand the entire concept. I was able to clarify some confusion that I had and that was something that really helped me as well.”

“She knew what I needed her to and was able to communicate it clearly. Thank you Rose!”

“She is amazing best tutor I have ever had. Knows so much about chemistry. Right to the point doesn't waste time and FAST!!!”

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