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National Institute of Technology India - Structural Engineering - Master of Technology (Post-Graduation)

Civil Engineering Tutor with 3+ years of experience in various online Tutoring websites with an excellent rating. Also a passionate Civil-Structural Engineer in one of the Top Civil Engineering firms "AECOM". Hence I can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-life examples. I work with special emphasis on quality not on quantity. Let's get excited with the Knowledge.

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About Me

Having a Master's degree and experience as a structural engineer in AECOM, I am maybe your future (Just kidding). If you ever felt down in your academic performance, let me motivate you by telling my story.

I was a below-average student during my high school studies. Then worked hard and succeeded to get the fully funded undergraduate program in civil engineering with a decent stipend. I completed my undergraduate program with an average cgpa that is 7.3/10. However, I managed to impress my supervisor with a project proposal in structural dynamics and secured admission for the Master's program in Structural engineering in India's top 10th engineering institute. Also passed the scholarship test with a score of 96.79 percentile and the scholarship covered all expenses. I got opportunities to take lectures for my juniors under the guidance of my supervisor and to help juniors in the Laboratories (structural lab, software such as Matlab, Etaabs, SAFE etc.). Institute paid me for the same. I completed my master's project under a senior scientist from Baba Atomic Research Centre -India. My area of research was "Structural Dynamics" and Published two "Scopus-Indexed" papers in the Springer publication which is attracted by the firm "AECOM" and offered a full-time job as a structural engineer. If I did this much you can do more than this if you get good guidance.

I am taking this opportunity to interact with students from all over the world, to listen to you hence to guide and to learn from you as well. Even though I have a well-paying job, since teaching is one of my passion which I figured out during my academics, I am not pricing you too much. Kindly let me know if you don't have the privilege enough to pay the amount shown.

Tutor Experience

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT-Civil Engineering (3+ years of experience in online tutoring)

Helping international students in their understanding of the civil engineering subjects such as Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Earthquake engineering etc., by providing step-by-step solutions to the questions posted by the students on the website.

Successfully helped more than 200 students with a 4.8/5 star rating (I worked with special emphasis on quality, not on quantity).

Took lectures during my master's program for my juniors under the guidance of my supervisor and helped juniors in the Laboratories (structural lab, software such as Matlab, Etaabs, SAFE etc.)

Topic Expertise

Civil Engineering,

* Solid Mechanics (Stress, Strain, Mohr's circle, Bending stress, torsion, Bending Moment, and Shear force diagram, shear flow).
* Structural Dynamics (Free vibration, forced vibration, Damping, Harmonic load, Random load, SDOF, MDOF).
* EARTHQUAKE Engineering (Response Spectrum, Modal Analysis, Time History Method, Base Isolator)
* Structural Analysis ( Slope- Deflection Method, Moment Distribution Method, Matrix Method - Stiffness Method, Determinate and Indeterminate beams and Frames).
* Concrete Structures ( Beam, column, slab, footing design, ASCE7, ACI-318)
* Geotechnical Engineering ( Soil Mechanics, seepage, effective stress, Earth Pressure theories)

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awesome tutor

- Civil Engineering

Anasu was very helpful and explained the content asked very well and in detail. He also spend more time then was planned explaining the content.

- Civil Engineering


- Civil Engineering

once again keep learning from tutor great learning experience

- Civil Engineering

great teaching

- Civil Engineering

very helpful


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Master of Technology in STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING – (CGPA -9/10)
National Institute of Technology (NIT) India
• Course work: Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity, Advanced Design of Concrete and Steel structures, Finite Element Method, Structural Dynamics, Wind Resistant Design of structures, Fracture Mechanics. Retrofitting of structures for dynamic loads, Computer Lab - Design software. Concrete Lab - Non-Destructive Testing & regular tests.

Bachelor of Technology in CIVIL ENGINEERING – (CGPA- 7.29/10)
Government Engineering College, BartonHill, India

• “Dynamic behavior of bridge pier due to direct vehicle collision” - International Conference on Advances in Structural Mechanics and Applications (ASMA-2021), (Springer-Scopus Indexed).
• “Dynamic behavior of road bridge deck when a truck moves along the irregularities of the road profiles” - (ASMA-2021), (Springer-Scopus Indexed).


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