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Professional Undergraduate Civil Engineering Tutors

All of our high quality Undergraduate Civil Engineering Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Annelie
    Civil Engineering, PhD, University of Manchester
    Enthusiastic and dedicated engineer who's aim is to get everyone to love and enjoy maths and physics. I teach how to learn not what to write.
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Hussein
    Civil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering Concentration, American University of Beirut
    I have been teaching various subjects in civil engineering for over 9 years at a university level including foundations engineering, soil mechanics, soil mechanics laboratory and construction materials laboratory. I also teach structures, structural mechanics and structures design software, fluid mechanics and hydrology, engineering economics, among others.
    1906 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor shirin
    PhD, Imperial College London
    Expert in Online Tutoring undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level in Civil and Structural Engineering.
    92 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Benjamin
    Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, University of Cambridge
    Experienced and highly qualified tutor with a friendly and personalised approach tailored to each student. I specialise in Maths and Physics at A-level, engineering support including Matlab at undergraduate and graduate levels, and university admissions preparation.
    877 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Mohamed
    Civil Engineering, Nantes university-France
    Rank 1 in my undergraduates program
    Rank 1 in my post-graduate masters program
    4+ experience in engineering training and tutoring
    Engineering is fun!
    “learn, contribute and rise together ”
    21 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Mahmoud
    Geotechnical Engineering , University of Texas at Austin
    Seeing a student succeed is the best part about being a tutor. I have helped many students earn higher grades and better test scores than they ever thought possible. In any subject, every student has the potential to succeed; I am only here to fill in the knowledge gaps and show them that learning can be both enjoyable and rewarding.
    384 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Mustafa
    Civil Engineering, University College London

  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor ANASU
    Structural Engineering, National Institute of Technology India
    Civil Engineering Tutor with 3+ years of experience in various online Tutoring websites with an excellent rating. Also a passionate Civil-Structural Engineer in one of the Top Civil Engineering firms "AECOM". Hence I can bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-life examples. I work with special emphasis on quality not on quantity. Let's get excited with the Knowledge.
    87 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Mohammadreza
    Mechanical/Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds
    I am a highly experienced private tutor in a variety of engineering subjects. I did my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and my BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and now, I am working as a researcher and lecturer at the university.
    I love Engineering subjects, Mathematics, and Physics and I like to keep this passion through teaching.
    I am a dedicated tutor who loves teaching and cares about the satisfaction of the students.
    176 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Javad
    Mechanical Engineering, Swansea University
    I am a university lecturer at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I enjoy explaining complicated engineering topics in a simple way and showing their applications in practical real-life cases.
    33 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Saber
    PhD, Swansea University
    I hold the position of Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and am presently serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Swansea University. My passion lies in teaching, and I boast nearly a decade of instructional experience, catering to a diverse student body encompassing various nationalities.
    271 hours taught
  • professional online Civil Engineering tutor Roshan
    Engineering, Cranfield University, UK
    Very experienced tutor (with more than 36 years of tutoring). Have helped students rectify the issues which prevent them being good students and take charge of their lives.
    18 hours taught

Recent Civil Engineering Undergraduate Tutor Class Reviews

shirin - Dana- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
19th August 2023
i always gain so much useful information from our sessions i learned a lot with miss shirin
Mohammad - Dana- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
16th August 2023
Mohammad - Dana- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
24th July 2023
very sweet, very considerate and explains well with details
Hussein - Sam- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
6th July 2023
really good explanation and understanding of the topic
Hussein - Hussain - Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
24th June 2023
Thank you so much sir, for helping me with many things. I wish the best always
ANASU - rajan- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
18th June 2023
Clear understanding well explained. thank you
Hussein - Nikki- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
5th June 2023
Very accommodating. Explains topics well.
Roshan - Nikki- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
17th May 2023
Very accommodating and a great teacher.
Hussein - Nikki- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
11th May 2023
Very good teacher
Mahmoud - Abdullatef- Civil Engineering - Undergraduate
2nd May 2023
The best Engineer very helpful


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FAQs for Undergraduate Civil Engineering Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your undergraduate civil engineering tutors have?

Our undergraduate civil engineering tutors are highly experienced individuals boasting impressive qualifications in the civil engineering sector. Most of them are university-educated civil engineers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, focusing specifically on civil engineering topics.

How can I find the best undergraduate civil engineering tutor for my needs?

To find the best match among our diverse pool of civil engineering tutors, you can use our online platform to read through tutor profiles, which feature details about their university qualifications, subjects of expertise, and teaching methods. Student reviews are also available to offer insights into each tutor’s effectiveness, aiding you in making an informed choice.

Can I choose a tutor who specialises in a specific area of civil engineering?

Absolutely! Our civil engineering tutors cover a multitude of specialisations within the civil engineering field, from structural engineering to geotechnical concerns. Whether you’re an undergraduate or studying at a higher level, you can find a tutor with the specific experience you’re looking for.

How do online tutoring sessions work for undergraduate civil engineering?

Our online civil engineering lessons are typically held through a webcam in a virtual classroom setting. This interactive online environment allows you to learn civil engineering topics in real-time, offering functionalities like screen sharing and file sharing for a comprehensive tutoring experience.

Can I get help with my assignments and projects?

Certainly! Our undergraduate civil engineering instructors can offer a full spectrum of help for your coursework, from construction assignments to more complex civil engineering projects. By contacting your tutor in advance, you can ensure the tuition you receive is specifically tailored to your needs.

How can I track my progress with my undergraduate civil engineering tutor?

We understand the importance of tracking your progress. Our platform provides you with the option to track your sessions, review past lessons, and access any materials shared during the tutoring sessions. Your civil engineering tutor will provide ongoing feedback, enhancing the way you tackle civil engineering subjects at university or any other level.

Are the tutoring sessions one-on-one or group sessions?

Our civil engineering tutoring is primarily conducted in a one-on-one session format, but if you’re interested in group tuition or have a study group, arrangements can be made. You simply have to contact us to set this up.

How do I schedule tuition sessions with undergraduate civil engineering tutors?

Using our online platform, you’ll find it straightforward to schedule lessons with your chosen civil engineering tutor. You can find available slots that best meet your schedule and then book them accordingly.

Can I request a trial session with an undergraduate civil engineering tutor?

Yes, we fully encourage a trial session to test the waters. A trial session is an excellent way for the students to gauge the teaching style and expertise of a prospective civil engineering tutor. To organise one, just reach out to our support centre, and they’ll assist you.

How do I pay for tutoring lessons with civil engineering tutors?

We offer a range of secure payment options on our platform. You can proceed with payments via credit/debit cards or even PayPal, ensuring the utmost security of your financial details.

Can I change tutors if I’m not satisfied with the one I initially selected?

We understand that finding the right tutor is crucial for effective learning. Should you feel your initial choice of a civil engineering tutor isn’t suitable, simply contact us, and we’ll assist you in finding a new tutor.

How do I communicate with my undergraduate civil engineering tutor outside of tutoring sessions?

Our platform provides a dedicated messaging system that allows students to remain in contact with their civil engineering tutors even outside of regular tutoring hours. Whether you need to share materials or ask questions, continuous support is just a message away.

Are there any additional resources available for undergraduate civil engineering students?

Yes, besides the tutoring services provided by our qualified tutors, we offer a host of supplementary resources. These include subject-specific study materials and past test papers aimed at undergraduate civil engineering students to augment your learning experience.

Can a student get help with exam preparation from civil engineering tutors?

Definitely! Whether you’re studying structural engineering or another branch of civil engineering, our tutors and teachers can guide you through a tailor-made study plan. From reviewing key topics to providing practice questions, your tutor will help you prepare thoroughly for your upcoming exams.

How do I get started with an undergraduate civil engineering tutoring on Spires Online Tutors?

Getting started is a breeze. Simply register on our platform and then search through our diverse range of undergraduate civil engineering tutors to find the a tutor that fits your needs. Once you’ve made your choice about tutor, you can schedule your first tutoring session and begin your educational journey in your desired subjects.

If you have further queries or need additional information, feel free to contact our support team at any time. We hope these FAQs assist you in navigating our civil engineering tutoring services.

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