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Specialising in Econometrics, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Admissions

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UCL MSc Machine Learning - LSE BSc Economics - First Class

Specialising in Econometrics, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Admissions

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About Me

I studied BSc Economics at LSE, where I graduated with a First Class Honours in 2017. I then spent the next 2 years tutoring A-level and university students studying Economics and Mathematics.

In 2019, I returned to university to pursue an MSc degree in Data Science and Machine Learning from UCL.

By popular demand, I am now back to tutoring (part-time) and accepting new students!

Tutor Experience

I am a tutor for all students, and for all learning styles. In my years of teaching, I have learned that each student is unique and learns in a different way. Some students like to learn from mathematical derivations and proofs, others enjoy explanations using diagrams and graphs, or maybe you struggle with maths and require a non-mathematical explanation. The beauty of Economics and Mathematics is that there is always more than one explanation for a concept.

I adapt my teaching style to fit the way my students like to learn. My lessons are interactive, engaging and fun (yes, it's true!), so much so that many students come back for more the following academic year! Through my approach, I will ensure that you are able to develop a holistic and complete understanding of the subject material. This will allow you to really engage with, and to (hopefully) enjoy learning the subject!

If you are looking for a supportive and patient tutor, don't hesitate to send me a message. I am happy to offer a money back guarantee on the first lesson - if you are not happy after the first lesson, then you will get a 100% refund.

Topic Expertise

I have extensive experience with the following subjects (at university level): Econometrics, Microeconomics, Statistics, Labour Economics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Programming (Python) modules.

I have taught students at some of the UK's best universities, including (but not limited to): LSE, UCL, Exeter, Bristol, Manchester, Southampton, and Birmingham

For A-Level Economics and Mathematics I have familiarity with all exam boards.

Client Reviews

Amir is an excellent tutor who can save your life from desperate! EC220 at LSE is the most difficult subject for 90%+ Economics students, and Amir makes it so interesting and easy to understand so I don’t have to do too much extra effort and struggle less than my fellows.

- Economics

Amir has been a massive help due to his great explination and large bank of practice questions and is amazing at going in depth into subjects to understand the content rather than just memorise it, and I would strongly recomend using him

- Econometrics

I am a second year university student and I went to Amir less than 10 days before my exam when I was over a year behind on econometrics and through intensive sessions and his excellent teaching techniques I managed to get 86.6% which is a strong first which is why I would strongly recommend him as a tutor.

- Econometrics

Great session !

- Economics

Challenging and enjoyable class!

- Economics

Really great tutor. Really good progress after 2nd lesson

- Econometrics


University of Exeter student, Microeconomics:

I had the pleasure of receiving regular tuition for the last couple of months with Amir. I was in a tricky situation, having taken some years out from University, where I had to learn a great deal of content in a short amount of time. Amir took into account my time constraint, learning preferences and current level of knowledge for each topic. Every session was concise and target-driven, but also fun and relaxing as Amir's teaching style delivered a manageable and engaging way to learn. Amir's willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I achieved the best possible grade was very much appreciated and motivational. This truly enhanced my enthusiasm and interest in the subject. I think you would be hard pressed to find a tutor that is as capable and experienced elsewhere.

LSE student, Microeconomics:

My tutor Amir for Economics was everything you want in a tutor. His methods of teaching, personality and expertise in the subject really showed. He was extremely helpful and had a real involvement and interest in making sure I could perform to the best of my ability. I can highly recommend him as a tutor. Thanks!

LSE student, Econometrics and Microeconomics:

Amir is a very good tutor.

He prepares every session in detail and knows exactly what he is doing. He provides good answers to each of my questions; in general he has a great teaching style. Amir is always on time and I can even contact him via phone if I have any further questions during the week. After each session he writes a small recap, which I didn't expect him to do; this shows his extraordinary level of commitment.

Overall, one can say that Amir is a great tutor; he is committed and reliable and has a good teaching style.

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First Class Honours, BSc Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science

Distinction, MSc Data Science and Machine Learning, UCL