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Experienced Economist and Statistician who has been tutoring for over 6 years. Specialising in Economics, Maths and Geography.

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University of Sheffield - Economics - Undergraduate Degree

Experienced Economist and Statistician who has been tutoring for over 6 years. Specialising in Economics, Maths and Geography.

Recent Students: 15
Total Hours: 220
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All-time Students: 22
Total Classes: 211
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Recent Students: 15Total Hours: 220Last Online:
All-time Students: 22Total Classes: 211Signed Up:

About Me

Currently working as a Statistician after obtaining my Economics degree from the University of Sheffield. Experienced Economist and Statistician who has been tutoring for over 6 years who loves sharing knowledge and learning about other points of view. Specialise in Economics, Maths and Economics.

Someone who is constantly learning and treats "everyday like a school day'. This can range from learning about current foreign policy in China to the History of Anglo Saxons or the climate differences in the Amazon rain forest.

This thirst for learning helps me relate to my tutees and ensure fun and interactive questions, in which no question is a stupid question!

I am also a keen sportsman, and when I am not working or tutoring you can find me either playing or watching football, If not I'll be inside reading a good book!

Tutor Experience

I believe that education is the great equaliser, and nothing gives me greater joy then seeing the reaction of a student when they finally grasp a concept that has been troubling them .

I have Tutored children in my local community in both GSCE and A-Levels, delivering over 1000 hours of tutoring both in person and online. I have taught students from all backgrounds, including state-funded schools and private institutions. I am able to adapt to students differing educational needs.

I have helped students enter into top level UK Universities helping them with their application and any interviews they would attend.

In the last academic year in which exams were in person 80% of all my students received 7 or above in the subject I had taught in GSCE, whilst 83% students achieved B or above in A-Levels. I am yet to have a student achieve anything less then a C in any subject I have tutored in.

As a public speaker I can also help in giving tips and advice for public speaking.

Topic Expertise

Economics- Specialise in both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Have experience with all exam boards.

Also Specialise in Business studies with experience with all exam boards

Client Reviews

Good lesson, went through what will most likely come up and how to prepare and what to write

- Economics

Amazing lesson, understood everything and did exam questions after the content.

- Economics

Taku is an exceptional tutor who is helping my son to develop content and confidence in economics. He is meticulous, open and diligent and very friendly. His approach is incredibly sincere and is always willing to put in extra effort.

- Economics

Taku gave a great lesson before my A level mock. Thank you taku

- Economics

My daughter is finding classes with Taku so helpful. He explains things well and she is not afraid to ask him to repeat if she doesn't understand first time. With A Levels approaching she is very grateful for the extra input.

- Economics

great understanding and knowledge of the subject and teaches is very well. He deals with your questions superbly and makes sure you know whats going on

- Business

really good at explaining concepts for my age level and uses good examples

- Economics

He explained everything clearly and answered all my questions!

- Economics

Taku helped review 1.5.2 government intervention/failure which was very useful yet again.

- Economics

very helpful, found me questions to suit the topics i found hard and helped with them

- Economics

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Bsc Economics (University of Sheffield)