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I am an enthusiastic, professional and friendly Cambridge educated tutor who is passionate about bringing the best out of all my students.

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University of Leeds - Mathematics - PhD

I am an enthusiastic, professional and friendly Cambridge educated tutor who is passionate about bringing the best out of all my students.

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About Me

I'm a feminist activist, a cat owner, an Animal Crossing and Pokemon enthusiast and a runner. As an autistic person, I absolutely love maths, because it provides me a way to understand the world and to express myself creatively. I am also very keen to share the knowledge with students, and help them find ways of learning maths that work for them, as I find it absolutely fascinating how different people find unique approaches to solving the same problem. I'm also a non-binary person (pronouns they/them), so I particularly enjoy the summer months and attending Pride in different cities.

Tutor Experience

I'm a maths support advisor as well as an online tutor. In both, my work as an advisor and a tutor, I help students learn maths. I enjoy getting to know individuals' learning styles and levels of maths knowledge, as it allows me to present mathematical knowledge in a way that best suits the student and find ways for the student to progress. I love maths and enjoy encouraging students to discover its beauty and usefulness. I also have extensive experience of supporting students with maths anxiety, and can help addressing it and breaking the maths avoidance cycle.

I have tutored students in maths since I was a high school student myself. When I started my undergraduate degree, I volunteered as a mentor at the local high school, and back in Slovenia at maths summer camps for enthusiastic high school students. When I started my PhD degree, I started tutoring multiple university level courses as a postgraduate teaching assistant, and tutoring A level and IB maths courses online. I have continued tutoring online since.

Topic Expertise

I have a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Leeds, in the intersection of logic and combinatorics. Since completing my PhD, I have worked as a volunteering manager for the UK Mathematics Trust and now I works as a Maths Support Advisor at the University of Leeds.

Prior to my PhD, I completed my undergraduate and masters (Part III) degree in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. I was accepted to Cambridge in part due to my IB Diploma (which included Maths HL, Further Maths and an Extended Essay in Maths) and in part due to my success in national and international competitions in maths (I was a member of Slovenian International Mathematics Olympiad team three years in a row, and I received two honourable mentions).

Client Reviews

Really helpful at identifying and clarifying my misunderstandings and missteps made when answering certain kinds of proof questions.

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very helpful

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BA (Hons) and MMath in Mathematics, University of Cambridge
PhD in Mathematics, University of Leeds
PGCert in Academic Practice, University of Leeds