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About Me

I am a very experienced Head of History at one of the top schools in the country. I specialise in developing student potential and am extremely focused in my approach. I am a Senior Examiner and Team Leader with both OCR and AQA exam boards.

Tutor Experience

Very successful tutor across both GCSE and A level. Specific expertise in examination preparation as a senior examiner for major examination boards. My students see excellent results, with recent successes bridging gaps of up to three grades.

Topic Expertise

I am a subject expert on the Tudor and Medieval periods. I have also significant experience of teaching the modern world, with over sixteen years of experience in teaching Russian history to give one example. I am also familiar with the Cambridge iGCSE.

Client Reviews

Rob is really helping with History A-Level revision. Thank you

- History

My daughter said that Rob was very helpful to her, and believes she will improve with his tutoring.

- History

Really helpful session

- History

Rob has been helping my son with GCSE history for just over a month now. I can not recommend him enough. Rob is excellent at providing assistance on mark schemes, he provides notes to assist with revision, and each week the work done in the session is downloaded onto google docs so there is a good ‘bank’ of past GCSE questions and answers for my son to work from in his revision. His style is very amiable and my son genuinely enjoys the sessions. In a short time with question focused exam prep, the progress has been fantastic.

- History

Rob is always very helpful and my daughter finds their sessions really useful. Would highly recommend.

- History

My daughter enjoyed her class with Rob and felt she learnt lots. His knowledge and experience is making her feel more confident about the GCSE course material.

- History

It was really helpful thank you so much for giving the feedbacks for my coursework

- History

Rob is a first class tutor and my son just finished his first lesson and already feels so much more confident about his GCSE exam. Would highly recommend.

- History

Happy with guidance

- History

very informative covered a lot of ground and clarified many issues

- History


hi just wanted to say that i got back my results and received an A and wanted to thank you for all your help.

Hi Rob, hope you are well. I am very pleased to say that I got an A* in history! Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me over the past two years, I am very grateful.

Hi Rob, apologies for letting you know late, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help prepping for my history a level! I achieved an A* with 60/60 in paper 1, 31/40 in paper 2 and 54/60 in paper 3.

During my two years with Rob, his devotion to detail and demand for excellence helped me realise my maximum potential and I achieved an A* as well as the Top in the World award for A Level History. Rob’s vast array of knowledge from various historical periods and extensive experience as an examiner makes him the ideal tutor for History students of any proficiency. He understands the blueprints and woodwork of a well-crafted essay and constantly drove me to improve my piece further and further. He put in the hours to help me grasp the seemingly immense factory of content in a challenging course so that I could tackle even the most niche questions in the exam. He is easy-going and quick to get along with; I always looked forward to our lessons together. Thank you again Rob for helping me bring out the best of myself.

Hi Rob, I just wanted to let you know that Alina got an A in History. Thank you so much for all your support over the last year. You were instrumental to her success. Thank you again.

Just wanted to let you know that I got an A in my history A-level which I’m very pleased with. Could not have done it without your help!

I GOT 3A’s !!!! Thank you so much for all your help - could not have done it without !

I wanted to let you know that I have received an A* for history and I also wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and guidance.
Many thanks!

Just wanted to write to sincerely thank you for everything you did, can not explain how much you helped, will most probably be contacting you soon when the next essay comes up.

"Rob is an excellent tutor. He is highly knowledgeable, particularly on exam technique. He also instils confidence in his pupils, helping my daughter to overcome her fear of failure so that she achieved the grade she was capable of for her place at Bristol University. Many thanks Rob."

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MA in Modern History from Oxford. Head of Department in one of the best schools in the country for over 10 years. Nominated for the Teaching Awards. Successful tutor at both GCSE and A level.