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About Me

I'm Amba. I am a mum to an 10-year-old boy, a lawyer and a law tutor!

I have been in practice for 15 years and counting across many disciplines. I currently work in Civil litigation.

Here's a cringy video of me introducing myself -

I have been tutoring students across all disciplines of law and differing levels; A-Level, CILEX, LLB, LLM, LPC and GDL and now the SQE. I can offer other subjects which are listed on my profile as I have experience within these. I am, however, focusing on Law Tutoring but feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and my availability.

I have successfully tutored over 500 students (many repeats) across different platforms and privately for over two years. The Pandemic hit us students hard ( I also took LPC exams during this time), and now I am studying for my second masters through online distance learning. It changed our learning styles, and the way exams are taken – for some, this was better, and for others, it was more difficult.

I have also been accepted to become a contract lecturer for the Open University. I am also currently undertaking the process of potentially teaching the SQE from January 2022 from a University provider. I will update if this becomes the case. I will also be available to tutor for the SQE from January 2022. I currently do not have any students undertaking this, with all starting in January. However, if you need assistance with this now, I can help as I piloted it with the SRA.

Tutor Experience

As a result of the Pandemic, I now only offer online lessons.

I carry out a trial lesson with every student before working for them (save for offline proofreading work). To ensure the boundaries are set, I get to know more about you and you, me. It also means I can discuss your needs and tailor a plan with you. One size doesn't fit all, and you cant ask a goldfish to climb a tree. I want to make sure we work well together and ensure we get along. If we don't, then the reality is that you won't learn or engage with our lessons.

I will help you learn by applying the law to real case studies instead of "throwing a load of information" at you. This is not engaging for you as there is no element of thought for you to be a sponge. Instead, I will encourage you to think for yourself and anticipate what the next steps are.

I have found online sessions to be the best form of teaching as they are more interactive. In addition, I like to follow students own course outlines, working towards any upcoming assessments or seminars which need to be prepared for.
I have a patient, nurturing but firm approach. I am fun, approachable and down to earth. I will always be honest and believe that everyone should further their knowledge and would love to be a part of helping someone do that!

Topic Expertise

I provide teaching on all core subjects with some options too. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss any optional subjects. Practice: Family Law, Property Law, Private Client and Civil Litigation

I have experience working with students with SEN; dyslexia, ADHD and ASD.

I have experience teaching A-Level Law directly into schools, so I am familiar with the exam boards, teaching methods and materials. I am also offering a pre-recorded package of A-Level law lessons. These will be charged at rates less than my hourly rate. These do not have to include ongoing tutoring and will just be lectures that my students have found helpful. They then do have weekly support with me. My students who have taken up this option have found it particularly useful for year 12 students whose teaching was interrupted by Covid. The lectures cover the whole of the A-Level syllabus. For an additional fee, as a package, if you still do not want tutoring lessons, I can provide you with questions to answer and return them to me to mark for you too. Please get in touch with me to discuss.

(These lectures have also helped University undergrads for LLB core modules, GDL core modules and CILEX level 3 for distance learners who have no support).

I am in the process of creating a group mini-series of lessons as an 'Introduction to Law. It will cover the foundations of the legal system and introduce you to law and technology, law and morality and law and society. This can be carried out as group lessons (reduced hourly rate) and also as 1:1 support.

For students who enjoy extracurricular - I will be starting a mini-debate/moot club which will be group sessions, and we can debate a different topic each week or have a mini-moot. If you are interested in this, please do let me know.

I also offer group and 1:1 lessons on OSCOLA referencing and research using LexisNexis. (I can do Westlaw too, but I personally prefer LexisNexis), if this is something you are interested in, then do let me know.

I also provide a proofreading service for essays, coursework, dissertations etc. I can also offer guidance on how to structure the essay ahead of writing it, so there is a starting point that will help you obtain the best possible grade and not involve a re-write after proofreading.

There are different levels of packages available, which are dependant on; word count and turnaround time. All prices include a video call to go through any feedback afterwards. All documents will be returned using a track changes document. Discounts for students already receiving tutoring, multiple essays, or return on the same essay following feedback will apply. Please get in touch with me for a quote.

1. Structure planning - basic structure and content ideas provided with points of interest to note.
2. Basic Formatting - spacing, margins, alignment, font, italicisation, consistent formatting throughout the document.
2. Proofreading - includes the basic formatting package and improving the formality of the language, spelling, punctuation, grammar, of essays, consistent terminology, the layout of the document, correcting any syntax errors.
3. Content proofreading - includes basic formatting and proofreading packages; improving logic, relevance and clarity, clarification of arguments, guidance as to a specific structure and style, standardising specific terminology.

Client Reviews

Amba is a nice person, helpful, clever, unique person with a smart hard work

- Law

Amba was GREAT as always!

- Law

Amba was really helpful in the law module I took as part of my accounting and finance course. She helped me structure my answers better and gave me consistent feedback to prepare me for my final exam.

- Law

Very helpful, fully understood what I needed help with

- Law

Very helpful class on citations, structuring and critical analysis of key issues.

- Law

Amba has been an absolute godsend in helping me with assignments for my final year! She is incredibly professional, accommodating and thorough in the work she does. I would recommend her to anyone working towards their law degree, no question. Thank you Amba!

- Law

Amba was very helpful and informative in structuring reports concerning my coursework.

- Law

Thank you for your asssistance.
60 for eu
75 for land
62 for trust
70 for ethics

- Law

Amazing tutor! During my undergrad degree, I was constantly sitting at a 2:2 level and felt that my progress was stagnant. After having lessons with Amba, I graduated with a first-class degree and even achieved a 79 grade in one of my essays. I further contacted her last minute for help with my SQE 1 exam. Within a week, she helped me go from around 45% to 80% in mock papers. Amba has extensive knowledge in a broad spectrum of subjects and can always explain topics I’m struggling with in a friendly and easily understandable manner.

- Law

CPQ Foundation - Intro to property and private client.
Amba has been a brilliant tutor. Really helped with my understanding of a difficult topic. Also does a great Dobby impression!



SQE1 Student - "Brilliant I went from 55% to 74% in 4 weeks. I am amazed. My confidence has grown thanks to Amba."

Sam - 6 October 2023

Very good tutor!

24th November, 2020

The best!!! Simply the best. I’ve found Amba in a very stressful time and she helped me more than I could ever imagine! She’s very resourceful and straightforward. She knows exactly what she’s doing and always on the same page with the topic ! Was a pleasure to have her as a tutor !

31st December, 2020

I can’t recommend Amba enough, honestly, she made land law a lot easier. She helped me understand my assessments and guided me throughout. Her feedback on my work was extremely helpful.

13th January, 2021

Amazing tutor who is prompt, professional and very helpful. She will prioritise your time and is always willing to offer you extra help if needs be.

21st January, 2021

Really helpful when it comes to my subject of law as we are in a pandemic I find it useful having an outside tutor who can help me balance my studying and give me pointers on what to look for.

1st February, 2021

Excellent! Made me feel at ease and was so patient with me.

2nd February, 2021

Very Good so far and is very easy to work with. I look forwards to my lessons .

15th February, 2021

I'll recommend her to my friends and families. She is really helpful and I really appreciate her guidance and support.

18th February, 2021

10/10 very easy to work with and I have and still learning alot, of vital and additional information.
Great tutor and great great value for money.
I recommend Amba 100%

26th February, 2021

Amba is extremely understanding and wonderful to work with!

From the first session with her I ended up understanding which areas I needed to improve on immediately but also felt immediately more confident with my own knowledge in law knowing I had a tutor who understood what how to approach me.

During our first session I was unable to attend due to a small seizure (epileptic), but Amba rearranged a time to suit me and my schedule, recording my sessions and sending them to me so that I may watch the sessions back at a later date for future use.

Amba has also been brilliant with my ‘recall issues’ - in this session, she often tested me, implementing ‘Essay style questions’ and recall style tests into sessions alongside her usual methods to make sure I had understood and remembered the material.

Amba is extremely clear and thorough in her method as a tutor, going above and beyond to help her students and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

19th August, 2020

Absolutely lovely tutor,very informative and understanding.

2nd September, 2020

amazing! ambar is so kind and helpful, she explains everything in detail multiple times until you understand no matter how many times you ask she will always re go over things, she has helped my grades massively drastically improving them in such a short amount of time! thank you so much.

27th October, 2020

Amba is really professional and helpful. I was really stressed about a piece of work I did not understand and she explained it really well! Will defo use again and have recommended to friends. Thank you!

7th May, 2020

Amba is a great lecturer, very easy to understand when she is explaining through in anything i have asked. I would recommend more student to join and choose Amba for amazing and very helpful lectures.

25th January, 2020

Brilliant Online session for an hour.

Amba was very good at explaining things and helping me with my dissertation.

Giving me more thoughts on my dissertation project and how it could be improve.

I must recommend to people who need help with their dissertation writing, editing and for any reviews.

I made a good decision picking Amba as my tutor for dissertation writing.

28th January, 2020

Great meeting

12th March, 2020

Amba is amazing

She breaks it down in detail
Refers the student to good case law

I had some issues securing a good tutor before I contacted Amba. 3rd time lucky

17th March, 2020

Amba knows her stuff and she’s very dedicated.

26th March, 2020

Amazing tutor

20th December, 2019

I'm on my now second session with Amba and I have plenty more booked. She is patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable in what shes teaching. Where my brain fogs in certain areas, where I can't understand something, I feel comfortable enough to ask her or she clears my thinking a bit which is the type of support you need from a Tutor. I am a dyslexic student so my comprehension is very weak but with Amba I understand the information I am reading a lot better. Greatful to have found her:)

8th December, 2019

She is amazing. The way to teach me and the notes very helpful in the exam. Love her.

7th January, 2020

Amba is a brilliant undergraduate law tutor , she allowed me to work at my own pace and guided me sufficiently along the way.She also shared useful law resources and advice which I benefitted from .I highly recommend her !

10th January, 2020

I had four or five sessions with Amba in the month or so heading up to my CILEx lvl 3 Land Law Exam and it was so helpful. We went through past papers to identify any areas I needed extra work on. We set a past paper for me to complete before each webinar and then we went through my answers together, if there was anything I’d misunderstood or gotten wrong, Amba was able to explain how/why and she knew all the case law off the top of her head and could tell me what happened, which really helped.
Amba’s very friendly and easy to talk to. Amba was also helping a university student with their land law module at a similar time to me so she’s well up to speed with the different education courses and their different syllabuses and expectations.
I would definitely recommend

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