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About Me

I love teaching and I am excited to share my passion with you!
I am most passionate about mechanical engineering subjects and mathematics.
I have PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. I look forward to exceeding all of your tutoring needs and helping you increase achievement in the areas you desire.

Tutor Experience

Thousand of hours of experience in online teaching

Topic Expertise

Mechanical Engineering (Statics, Dynamics, Vibrations, Mechanics of Materials, Control)
Mathematics (Calculus1,2,3, Differential Equations (ODE and PDE), Basic Statistics)

Client Reviews

Very helpful preparation for my exam.

- Mechanical Engineering

Very helpful, great explanations.

- Mechanical Engineering

Great pacing, everything was easy to follow.

- Mechanical Engineering

Capable of explaining and provides true understanding to the maths. Also able to teach other topics such as fluid mechanics

- Aeronautical Engineering

Explains clearly and at a pace that is set by the student's understanding. Offers different approaches to one problem and does not miss steps in logic to solve questions that prevents confusion.

- Aeronautical Engineering

Very thorough and detailed!

- Mathematics

Ehsan is an amazing tutor, his explanations are very clear and thorough. He is helping me massively with exam preparation for solid mechanics module, which I was forever struggling with.

- Mechanical Engineering

very helpful

- Mechanical Engineering

very helpful and thorough! the tutor is very knowledgeable and is familiar with every concept I wanted to ask for the linear algebra course that I needed help with.

- Mathematics

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