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Hi, I am qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and sometimes funny Psychology teacher. I love sharing knowledge and raising awareness about any psychological phenomenon. Happy to help with your A-levels ;)

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University of South Wales and Cardiff University - BSC Psychology and PGCE - Masters PGCE

Hi, I am qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and sometimes funny Psychology teacher. I love sharing knowledge and raising awareness about any psychological phenomenon. Happy to help with your A-levels ;)

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Total Classes: 56
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Recent Students: 4Total Hours: 53Last Online:
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About Me

Tutor with professional teaching experience, degree in Psychology and teaching. Adaptable, ambitious, flexible and quick-learner, always motivated, naturally practical and willing to work hard. A punctual, precise and well organized person ready to put in extra efforts required to complete any task and gaining great results. Has experience and skills in teaching and caring for others.

Tutor Experience

2021 - 2022: A-level and Access (Health and Humanities) Psychology Lecturer at Coleg y Cymoedd
2018 – 2020: A-level Psychology Lecturer at Cardiff and Vale College
2017 – Present: Teaching, examining and tutoring for agencies, privately and via web portals
2015 – 2016: Teaching Assistant in various schools

Topic Expertise

I am a PSYCHOLOGY tutor. Can cover GCSE, AS, A2, Access, first year at university, WJEC or AQA. Happy to help with higher level too but there I can only provide feedback on assigments to improve before submittion, I cant teach that as it varies too much. Can't do SPSS, thats statisticians. I only do what I like but I do love Psychology. I can break down everything and apply it to real life so that you dont only learn for the exams, but for life too.

Alternatively, I can also do one off group sessions on a particular topic, e.g. stress/anxiety/addiction/depression/agression/autism etc. just ask but you know, Psychology.

Client Reviews

Miriam is lovely and comfortable to talk to. Never made to feel silly or stupid and explained everything is relatable terms. Also linked everything talked about to possible exam questions and how to answer them (super helpful!!)

- Psychology

Helped me to get a much better understanding on the Zimbardo Experiment.

- Psychology

Got a much better understanding on Asch's study and there were helpful questions and tasks to apply the knowledge.

- Psychology

Very informative lesson, which is very helpful

- Psychology

enjoying classes

- Psychology

There are a lot of interactions and fun ways to learn it.

- Psychology

Very helpful- tutor was lovely!

- Psychology

Fun and engaging lesson as always with Miriama :)

- Psychology

Fun and engaging lesson as always! :)

- Psychology


Charlotte: Thankyou for the lesson, I feel much more confident about tomorrow. I will go through the files you have sent. Thankyou again :))

Tiffany: Thank you very much! I had a good teacher :) .... I will do! Thank you very much!

Tea: Hi Miriama, I forgot to mention I got C in Psychology. I am pretty happy with that considering last year. Thank you for everything over the last year and giving me the confidence boost I really needed! I've decided to go back to college and apply for uni in 2 years :) ... Thank you very much again for everything, and enjoy your summer as well :)
Thank you, I also really appreciate how much you've helped me over the last few months.

Hannah: Thank you Miriama Gabrisova I really enjoyed your stress busting session! Have come away feeling much more positive so thank youxx
Well honestly i loved it! I thought you did fab! It was a shame more mums wernt there. I thought it was really beneficial! Keep up the good work lovelyxx

Mair: Well done - you did really well. Love these informative slides, I am sure anyone looking at them now will be able to follow even if they werent able to join us last night. Thanks again for giving us a full and varied experience

Natasha: Rating: 5/5
Comments: Excellent. Very supportive and u derstanding. Very knowledgeable. Would recommend...

Sumbul: Rating: 5/5
Comments: She is so helpful and easy to approach. Her constructive feedback helped me to improve my work. Thank you so much for everything Miriama :)...

Trish: You are so awesome, passionate so helpful thank you x

Responded by Bowen-Quirk, Summer on 15/01/2022 @ 13:36:24
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, this has made my day! I'm terribly sorry for the late response as I haven't checked ebs: ontrack in a very long time but wanted to respond to thank you for your kindness and great teaching. I have learnt a tremendous amount from you and wish you the best in the future. Best wishes, Summer

[16/06/2022 11:03] Teigan Griffiths
I would like to say a huge thank you to you for all your support over this past year, and for all your dedication .
Take care, I wish you all the best.
Many thanks,

Hi Miriam, Thank you for tutoring Alex over the past few months, Alex has found the additional time spent with you beneficial, putting him in a good place for his final exam. His final exam is in a few weeks time and he now feels that he has gained what is needed and he no longer wishes to continue with the extra tuition. Thank you for your time, patience and professionalism, best wishes, Geraint, Helen and Alex.
06-05 10:35

Hi Miriama, it's Alex. Just wanted to say thank you for all the lessons we've had, they've been super helpful and they've really given me a big confidence boost for my exams coming up. I just need to challenge myself now and get the best grades possible for uni, once again thanks for everything! :)
06-05 10:48

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2016 – 2017 Cardiff University – PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)
2013 – 2016 University of South Wales – BSC Psychology
2011 – 2013 Warwickshire College – A – levels; Psychology, Health and Social Care, Business studies, Maths, Financial Studies and GCSE Maths