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Government and Economics BSc



- LSE Graduate in Government and Economics, with over 10 years` tuition experience

- Studying for MSc Applied Econometrics

- Tutoring Economics A-Level and IB, and select Undergraduate and Masters courses.

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LSE - Government and Economics - BSc

- LSE Graduate in Government and Economics, with over 10 years` tuition experience

- Studying for MSc Applied Econometrics

- Tutoring Economics A-Level and IB, and select Undergraduate and Masters courses.

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About Me

I have been enthusiastic about the study of Economics since I did my own GCSE and A-Level in the subject, and I now teach all major UK exam boards.

In Microeconomics we learn business costs, revenues and profits, and we learn when markets produce good outcomes for society, as well as when they fail.

In Macroeconomics, we learn Keynesian and Neoclassical models, and when to use each. We also discuss key historical events such as The Wall Street Crash, the 1970s Oil Crisis, the Global Financial Crisis, and the Cost of Living Crisis.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching A-Level economics since I was in the second year of my undergraduate degree. By now I am familiar with all major UK exam boards.

I also offer help in select introductory topics at Undergraduate and Masters level.

Topic Expertise

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Edexcel, AQA, OCR and all major exam boards.

Client Reviews

Excellent tutor who improved me to no end and rekindled my interest in economics - My school mentioned how much I have improved before final exams has given me great confidence and knowledge - truly knows his stuff and delivers very well - very helpful resources also.

- Economics


I am writing this reference on behalf of my student Mr. Robert Crabtree, whom I have met in my capacity as a professor during his study at the Master of Science in Economics Programme at the University of Greenwich.

Robert was my student during February-March 2021 in the Macroeconomics module. My comments are based on numerous professional and personal interactions I have had with Robert, and my knowledge of his CV and his academic background.

During the tutorials, Robert stood out as a committed and diligent student. He was reading the weekly course material on time, paid attention to the details, and was very well prepared for the classes. He made insightful contributions in our tutorials about different theories as well as meaningful examples related to the current macroeconomic issues. The whole class benefited from his analytical skills, critical thinking, ability to explain and communicate complex concepts, and raise pertinent questions.

When we had appointments during my office hours, he had a well-prepared list of queries and was always punctual. He can pose challenging questions in a polite and open-minded manner, e.g., he was very considerate when he alluded me to a potential mistake in a mathematical expression in my lecture notes, about which he was correct, and I was pleased to learn something from my student.

Robert has also been the student representative of his cohort at the Programme, and he has met me in this capacity, expressing concerns by his classmates about the workload and time tabling issues in the Programme. Again, in these interactions, he was kind, mature, responsible, and supportive of the other students.

Overall, in our interactions, Robert has always been very easy to relate to and full of positive energy. In conclusion, as his former professor I can say that based on not only his performance, comments, and participation at the tutorials, but also judging by our different encounters in the office hour meetings, I wholeheartedly think that he will is a valuable tutor thanks to his strong intellectual ability, work ethic, personal qualities, and academic background.

- Ozlem Onaran, Professor of Economics, University of Greenwich

Robert is a really great tutor! He was super helpful in making sure I understood content and provided a lot of resources to supplement my learning. His dedication to provide a high quality of teaching makes him a great tutor. I highly recommend him.

- Prerita, A* in 2022

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BSc Government and Economics, LSE