Tips to Prepare for IB Chemistry HL / SL 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry is stressful in every way. There is IB Chemistry Study Guide and Notes for SL /HL. Achieving 7 out of 7 points in IB Chemistry is possible if you are consistent, dedicated and determined.

Chemistry is an applied science combining research work with developing practical and research skills. Chemical ideas underlie the entire physical world in which we live and all biological processes, making it a fundamental science.

Chemistry is also a prerequisite for many other fields of study, such as medicine, biology and environmental science, and is also a subject worthy of research in its own right.

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Tip 1. IB Chemistry SL and HL common mistakes you must try to avoid 

  • Depending on your calibre, choose between SL and HL. This legal decision will help you go through the process smoothly.
  • Have a thorough theoretical foundation. You should be prepared to cover the entire syllabus of IB Chemistry point by point. You need to study with the right seriousness. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues, seniors, teachers or well wishers. You need to refer to the textbooks more often.
  • Be thorough in and with the syllabus. Thorough knowledge will help you approach the exam with confidence. You can even print a copy of the syllabus and keep it handy for reference.
  • Make notes wherever you feel it is necessary.
  • You need to be consistent throughout the year
  • Be sure of the definitions; there is no alternative to memorising them. Do the reverse engineering and revisions.
  • Think big, be confident and imagine yourself as a conqueror.
  • Keep a good grip on solving past exam papers. At least the last five exam papers need to be analysed. This will give you a pattern of the questions and their repetition. If in doubt, you must ask.
    For general revision, flashcards are good to remember

Tip 2. Common mistakes that IB chemistry students make when studying

One mistake that students make is that they avoid topics that they have not fully understood. Another mistake is not studying in a uniform and consistent manner.

Tip 3. Concentrate on core topics

Topic 1: The Stoichiometric Relationships

1.1 Introduction to the particulate nature of matter and chemical change

1.2 The molar concept

 Molar concept and Avogadro constant, formulae, chemical equations

1.3 Reaction masses and volumes

Relationships between mass and gas volume in chemical reactions, solutions, stoichiometry

Topic 2: Atomic structure

2.1 The nuclear atom

Atom, Atomic Theory

2.2 Electron configuration

Mass spectrometer, electron configuration

Topic 3: Periodicity

3.1 Periodic table

3.2 Periodic tendencies

Topic 4: Chemical bonds and structure

Ionic bonding and structure

4.2 Covalent bonds

Covalent bonds and structures

4.3 Covalent structures

4.4 Intermolecular forces

4.5 Metallic bonds

Topic 5: Energetics/Thermochemistry

5.1 Measurement of energy changes

5.2 Hess’s law

5.3 Binding enthalpies

Topic 6: Chemical kinetics

6.1 Collision theory and reaction rates

Topic 7: Equilibrium

7.1 Equilibrium

Dynamic equilibrium, equilibrium position, equilibrium study guide

Topic 8: Acids and bases

8.1 Theories about acids and bases

8.2 Properties of acids and bases

8.3 The pH scale

8.4 Strong and weak acids and bases

8.5 Acid deposition

Topic 9: Redox processes

9.1 Oxidation and reduction

9.2 Electrochemical cells

Topic 10: Organic Chemistry

10.1 Fundamentals of organic chemistry

10.2 Chemistry of the functional groups

Topic 11: Measurement and Data Processing

11.1 Uncertainties and errors in measurements and results

11.2 Graphical techniques

11.3 Spectroscopic identification of organic compounds

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