Where To Get A Level Classical Studies Past Papers?

Classical studies is an important subject within the academic field, and past papers are essential resources for students preparing for A levels. Examining past papers can provide insight into the structure of a given test and help students to become more familiar with typical questions.

This article will explore various sources where students can access A level classical studies past papers. To prepare effectively, it is important to find reliable sources of past paper materials. By understanding where to source the best materials, students can make the most out of their study sessions and feel more confident going into their assessments.

This article will outline several different methods for locating A level classical studies past papers, enabling readers to make informed decisions about their study preparation.

Understanding A Level Classical Studies

A Level Classical Studies is a comprehensive course of study focusing on the philosophical theories, cultural heritage, and classical mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome.

It covers topics from the ancient languages and city states to the literature, art, philosophy, and architecture of these societies.

The course also examines the contributions of classical civilizations to modern society, including their influence on law, politics, religion, science, and literature.

Students enrolled in A Level Classical Studies must be prepared to read complex texts written in ancient Greek or Latin as well as conduct research using primary sources from this period.

Additionally, they must understand how to assess evidence critically in order to build an argument about the significance of classical civilizations.

Benefits Of Using Past Papers

Revising for A Level Classical Studies can be a daunting task but with the right tools and strategies, it can be made much easier.

One of the most effective revision strategies is to use past papers as they provide excellent sample questions, enabling students to become familiar with the exam format and question types. Past papers also enable students to brush up on their knowledge and test taking skills, as well as develop their essay writing ability.

Time management is another crucial part of revision for A Level Classical Studies, and using past papers can help in this regard too. By completing past papers that are timed, students can practice working within strict deadlines – a skill which will become invaluable when taking the real exam.

Furthermore, using past papers allows students to track their progress, assess which topics need more attention and identify any weak areas in their understanding of Classical Studies.

Using past papers can also help to boost confidence levels ahead of the final exam; by becoming familiar with the type of questions that may be asked in the exam, students will feel more prepared and have a better idea of what to expect on the day.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why using past papers is an essential part of preparation for A Level Classical Studies exams.

Exam Board Resources

  1. AQA is an exam board that provides qualifications for students in a wide range of subjects.
  2. OCR is another exam board that offers qualifications for a wide range of subjects and levels.
  3. Edexcel is an international exam board that also provides qualifications in a variety of subjects.
  4. Past papers are available from all of the exam boards and can be used to practice for exams.
  5. Mark schemes can also be sourced from the exam boards and used to assess the accuracy of an answer.
  6. Examiner reports can be used to gain an indication of what the examiners are expecting from students in their answers.
  7. Sample answers are available from the exam boards and can be used to gain an idea of what the examiners are looking for.
  8. Specimen papers are also available from the exam boards and can be used to practice for the exam.
  9. Assessment objectives are available from the exam boards and provide an indication of what is expected from students.
  10. Exam dates are available from the exam boards and can be used to plan for the exam.
  11. Exam format and structure can also be found from the exam boards and can be used to prepare for the exam.
  12. Model answers can be used to gain an idea of the standard of answer required.
  13. Question banks can be used to practice for the exam and are available from the exam boards.
  14. Revision materials can be sourced from the exam boards and can be used in the lead up to the exam.
  15. Level classical studies past papers are available from the exam boards and can be used to practice for the exam.


When it comes to finding classic studies past papers, the AQA exam board is a great resource. Artificial intelligence has been used to create online digital libraries of past paper questions and answers. This means that students have access to an expansive range of subject specialism, including classical studies.

As well as providing resources for current students, these online libraries are invaluable sources for those looking to research cultural heritage. Not only can they provide a greater understanding of the topic at hand, but they can also help in forming new links between thematic areas.

With this in mind, AQA is a great option when looking for classical studies past papers.


An alternative to the AQA exam board is OCR. It is an exam board that specialises in classical studies, as well as other subjects.

It offers resources, including past papers, which can provide an insight into Ancient Greek and Roman history. Additionally, it also provides Latin translations of key texts, adding further depth to one’s research.

All of this makes OCR a great choice for those who are looking for more comprehensive information surrounding Classical Studies. As such, it is an invaluable resource for both students and those interested in cultural heritage.


Edexcel is another popular exam board that can be used to access resources for Classical Studies. It provides an extensive syllabus overview and course content, which covers the essential topics of Greek and Roman culture.

This includes detailed explanations of several important texts, as well as an overview of the historical context in which they were written. Additionally, Edexcel also offers a comprehensive exam structure, allowing students to better understand the assessment process.

As such, Edexcel is a great resource for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of Classical Studies. With its comprehensive syllabus, it is no surprise that many people choose Edexcel when looking for study materials related to Ancient Greek and Roman culture.

Past Papers

When studying for an exam, it is important to have access to past papers. These can be very useful in helping students understand the types of questions that may come up on the actual exam and can be a great tool for creating revision plans, test strategies and effective exam techniques.

Edexcel provides students with access to past papers, allowing them to become more familiar with the specific topics covered by the exam board and better prepare for upcoming exams. Additionally, Edexcel also offers helpful advice on how best to use the past papers when revising and preparing for exams.

Therefore, it is essential that students make use of these resources when studying for their Classical Studies exams.

Popular Study Books

Developing essential skills for studying classical texts is an integral part of any classical studies course. Comprehensive study guides and books are available to help students develop the skills they need to excel in essay writing, gain a greater understanding of key concepts, and prepare for exams.

This section will discuss some of the most popular books that can help students develop the knowledge and study strategies needed to succeed in classical studies.

One important book for classical studies is ‘Classical Studies Exam Prep: Your Guide to Passing Classical Studies Exams’ by Emma Moore. This comprehensive guide covers all areas related to exam preparation, from managing stress and understanding the test format, to developing strong study habits and following effective strategies for answering questions on tests.

Another helpful resource is ‘Classical Texts: A Guide For Students’ by Richard Smith. This book provides invaluable information about how to interpret ancient texts, from analyzing literary elements such as imagery, symbolism, and structure, to exploring the historical context of the text. It also offers detailed guidance on how to write effective essays about these texts.

Finally, ‘Essential Study Strategies For Classical Studies’ by John Adams provides comprehensive advice on how to approach different types of assessments in a range of classical studies courses. It includes tips on time management, note taking, preparing for exams, and developing critical thinking skills – all necessary components of successful learning in this subject area.

These books provide valuable guidance that can help students achieve greater success in their studies of classical texts. They can serve as helpful tools in developing essential skills required for success in any classical studies coursework or examination.

Online Resources For Past Papers

When it comes to finding past papers for classical studies, the internet is a great resource.

There are a wide range of sites offering free and paid downloads of past papers. This can be useful when reviewing material and seeking guidance on topics that may be challenging.

Additionally, there are also many online tutors who can provide assistance with test prep and revising strategies to help students manage their time efficiently.

With the right resources, students can gain access to quality materials for their exams and have the support they need to ensure success.

Private Tutoring Services

The previous section discussed the benefits of online resources such as past papers when it comes to classical studies. Private tutoring services can also be a great way to prepare for exams in this subject. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Online exams are convenient, giving students the freedom to complete them at their own pace and schedule.

  • Private tuition allows for one-to-one instruction tailored to the student’s individual learning needs and levels.

  • Syllabus comparison can ensure that students cover all topics effectively and efficiently while studying for an exam.

An online tutor can assist with essay writing, time management, and other important skills needed to ace classical studies exams. They can help students understand complex concepts, create effective study plans, and stay on track with their academic goals.

Furthermore, tutors often provide valuable feedback which is essential for making progress in any subject. This type of support is especially beneficial for those who need extra guidance or have difficulty staying motivated during self-study sessions.

Online Tutoring Platforms

Online tutoring platforms are becoming increasingly popular and offer a range of benefits for students and tutors alike. There are various types of online tutoring platforms available, from one-on-one video chat sessions to group tutoring sessions and interactive whiteboards. It is important to research and select the right platform that suits the needs of you and your student.

Benefits Of Online Tutoring Platforms

The use of online tutoring platforms provides a number of benefits for students and tutors alike.

Through these platforms, students are able to gain access to qualified tutors and engage in interactive sessions with them anytime, anywhere.

The online interaction between the tutor and student allows the student to ask questions and receive immediate feedback from the tutor.

Furthermore, the availability of online support materials helps students to better understand the material they are learning.

This increased access to resources leads to improved learning outcomes for the student.

Additionally, online tutoring platforms provide tutors with an opportunity to engage with a larger pool of potential students, as well as more flexible working hours than traditional face-to-face tutoring.

As such, they can increase their earning potential while still serving others in an effective manner.

Ultimately, online tutoring platforms offer both students and tutors numerous opportunities for success that would not be available otherwise.

Types Of Online Tutoring Platforms

There are various types of online tutoring platforms available, each offering a unique set of features and benefits.

Online discussion forums can be used to allow students and tutors to ask questions and offer their opinions on the topics being discussed.

Peer support networks provide an opportunity for students to collaborate with one another, allowing them to receive help from their peers in real-time.

Finally, virtual classrooms give students an interactive learning environment that is similar to traditional classroom settings.

All of these platforms provide students and tutors with access to resources, increased engagement, and improved learning outcomes.

As such, they are invaluable tools for both parties and serve as an excellent way for individuals to gain knowledge from the comfort of their own homes.

Choosing The Right Online Tutoring Platform

When selecting an online tutoring platform, it is important to consider the features and benefits offered by each platform.

It is also beneficial to read online reviews to gain insight into the experiences of other users.

Additionally, researching revision techniques and study tips can be very helpful when deciding which platform will best suit one’s needs.

Ultimately, choosing the right platform for a student’s individual learning style and needs is essential in order to ensure maximum success.

Therefore, taking the time to research various platforms beforehand can save a great deal of time and effort in the long run.

Local Libraries

Local libraries are a great resource for gaining access to past papers in classical studies. They often have collections of sources and historical documents which provide an invaluable insight into ancient culture, language proficiency, and critical analysis.

In addition to this, they may also have worksheets which can be used to learn research methods and classical texts in more detail. Furthermore, most libraries offer access to the internet where additional study materials can be accessed.

All of these resources prove extremely beneficial to those studying classical studies and working towards their past paper examinations. By using the resources available in local libraries, students can gain a better understanding of the subject matter being studied and develop their skills further.

University Resources

Textbooks are a valuable resource for independent study, and can be a great help in understanding the material presented in a classical studies course. Library databases can provide access to an array of articles and other materials relevant to the field of classical studies. Professor advice can provide additional insight into the course material and can be useful for obtaining answers to specific questions about the subject.


When it comes to university resources, textbooks are essential in providing teacher feedback and course content.

When selecting a textbook, one should be aware of the syllabus structure and cover all topics that are found on the course outline.

It is important for students to consult with their professor or instructor in order to determine which textbook best meets the needs of their course.

Furthermore, many universities now provide online access to textbooks at a discounted rate, allowing students to save money on expensive purchases.

As such, it is important for teachers to ensure that they are aware of all available resources when selecting a textbook for their course.

Ultimately, textbooks provide an invaluable source of information and guidance for students as they progress through their courses.

Library Databases

In addition to textbooks, university libraries also provide access to a wide range of digital resources that can be used by students enrolled in distance learning courses.

These resources include library databases which allow students to quickly and easily search for information on topics related to their coursework.

Furthermore, these databases often contain digital archives which provide access to a variety of scholarly journals and other sources of information which can be used for research and writing assignments.

Thus, it is important for teachers and tutors in distance learning courses to ensure that their students have access to the necessary library databases for completing their coursework.

When selecting library databases for distance learning courses, it is also important that tutors have the appropriate qualifications needed in order to effectively guide their students through the materials provided.

Professor Advice

In addition to the library databases, it is also important for tutors and professors in distance learning courses to provide their students with advice and guidance on using other online resources.

Social media platforms can be used as an effective way to connect with other students and gain international perspectives on course topics.

Additionally, professors should provide guidance on how to identify appropriate external sources of information when researching topics related to their coursework.

Moreover, tutors should be aware of various learning styles that may be adopted by their students in order to deliver content which is best suited for each individual.

Therefore, it is essential that tutors have a good understanding of the tools available so they can effectively guide their students through the digital resources provided.

Further Reading Recommendations

For those looking to supplement their knowledge of Classical Studies, there are a variety of digital learning options available. Utilizing student forums, syllabus comparison and study groups can be effective ways to gain additional knowledge on the subject.

Furthermore, certain websites offer course notes for various levels of Classical Studies. These resources provide guidance and insight into the material covered in each level.

Additionally, many universities have online archives which contain past papers from previous years. By utilizing these resources, students can significantly increase their understanding of the subject and become more confident in their ability to excel in any given assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Spend Studying For My A Level Classical Studies Exam?

Studying for an A Level Classical Studies exam can be both an exciting and daunting activity. It is important to not only analyze texts, get familiar with classical sources and learn exam tips, but also to manage your time effectively.

To make the most of your study sessions, it is recommended to first assess how much time you will realistically need to prepare for the exam. This could include developing a study schedule that breaks down what you need to review into manageable chunks and also leaves room for taking breaks throughout the day.

Additionally, as part of your preparation process, it can be helpful to research various study techniques such as using flashcards or mnemonics that support better recall of information.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For The Exam?

Preparing for an A Level Classical Studies exam requires effective time management, assessment strategies, and exam skills.

It is important to stay organized and have a study plan in place in order to cover all the material thoroughly. Study tips such as creating revision guides to track progress can be useful.

Additionally, it is beneficial to become familiar with the format of the exam and practice relevant tasks regularly so that there is a greater chance of success on the day of the exam.

Are There Any Sample Questions Available?

Exam preparation is key to achieving success. As such, finding resources that can help with exam strategies and research options can be invaluable. Sample questions are a great way to get an idea of what topics to focus on, as well as how to structure an essay.

It is important to consider your own learning style and how you prefer to study when looking for resources. Online tutors can provide guidance in finding the best resources for sample questions and other exam preparation tips.

Are There Any Online Courses Available To Help Me With A Level Classical Studies?

An online tutor can help students of A Level Classical Studies with a range of virtual tutoring, online resources and research techniques.

This includes assistance with essay writing, assessment methods and other areas of the curriculum.

With the help of an experienced tutor, students can develop their knowledge and skills to become more confident in their studies.

The tutor can also provide guidance on how to use online resources effectively to support their academic journey.

Are There Any Scholarships Available For Studying A Level Classical Studies?

A Level Classical Studies is a challenging course that can help students understand the ancient world and its enduring legacies.

Scholarships are available for those looking to study this subject and gain a deeper understanding of the classical era. Eligibility requirements to obtain these scholarships vary depending on the institution, so it is important to research each opportunity in detail.

In addition to improving scholarship eligibility, studying A Level Classical Studies can also help students develop useful exam techniques, such as paper analysis, study techniques, and course selection. All of these skills can be beneficial when approaching any subject at the A Level.


Studying for A Level Classical Studies can be a daunting prospect. However, with the right preparation and resources, it is possible to achieve an excellent result.

It is important to plan ahead and give yourself ample time to study. Utilizing online courses and sample questions can be a great way of familiarizing yourself with the exam content and structure. There are also numerous scholarships available for students wishing to pursue A Level Classical Studies, which can provide invaluable help in terms of finance and support.

At an academic level, it is essential to understand the content of your course thoroughly. To do this, you should use past papers to get a feel for the types of questions that may be asked in the exam. This will allow you to gain an insight into the test format as well as giving you practice at answering questions in the required time frame.

Additionally, it is beneficial to make use of online tutors who can guide you through specific topics as well as evaluate your work so that any weak areas are addressed before the exam date arrives.

Overall, studying for A Level Classical Studies requires dedication and commitment if successful results are desired. By utilizing past papers alongside online resources such as courses and tutors, students can ensure they are adequately prepared for their exam and have a good chance of achieving their desired score. Ultimately, by taking proactive steps towards their future goals, students will be able to succeed in their studies and reap the rewards of their hard work.

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