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Enthusiastic and dedicated communicator who is devoted to English, German and Music.

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About me

Hello everyone! I am currently in my second year of PhD at the University of Cambridge, specialising in 20th century poetry. I adore English Literature and Language, and I'm dedicated to helping students learn and enjoy the subject too. I fell in love with English from an early age; I was lucky enough to have a very dedicated English teacher, who ignited a deep interest in the subject. This is partly why I think communication and social skills are key for tutoring; lessons should not be a chore, but a stimulating and interesting use of time.

My other major interest is music. My mother is a music teacher, so I have been brought up with music in my blood; I spend nearly every day playing, writing or listening to music. I can offer lessons in piano and music theory, if desired.

Other interests include dance and running. Often quotidian life at Cambridge involves strenuous mental effort, so it is a relief to do something physical.

Tutor Experience

I've tried my hand at tutoring in a local set-up, but I am looking to expand this type of experience (not least because I am hoping to become an English teacher in the future). I very much enjoyed tutoring one-to-one: it is extremely rewarding to see a student develop. I felt that I could adapt to individual needs and tailor each supervision accordingly. I have tutored online and in person in the holidays for the past four years, and found it extremely rewarding.

What is key to successful tutoring: an enduring and contagious enthusiasm for your subject. My chosen subjects often require communication and creativity; I find English in particular combines intellectual rigour with emotional freedom. It encourages interactive discourse, which is at once challenging and enjoyable. I think I have the ability to develop creative ways of communicating and teaching, and would be delighted to help anyone improve.

Topic Expertise

I have a starred first in English Literature (MA) from the University of Cambridge, where I also completed an MPhil. I am currently in my second year of PhD at Cambridge, studying post-WW2 poetry; I focus on the literary and philosophical relationship between physicality and the imagination. I adore my subject and want to dedicate my life to it.

As for teaching experience, I have done private tutoring for the past six years (recommendations available upon request). From 2017-18 I had teacher-training placements in four different schools around Surrey and Cambridge, but I always preferred the targeted attention I am able to give to students in a one-on-one context.

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*MA in English Literature, University of Cambridge (First with Distinction)
*MPhil in English Literature, University of Cambridge
*PhD in English Literature, University of Cambridge (2nd year)
*Six years of tutoring experience
*Work placements in schools


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