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University of Oxford - Engineering Science - MEng


Currently 4th year Engineering Science student at Oxford. I feel like I can easily explain seemingly difficult problems.

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About me

Aside from working, I play the drums, rugby, and am just starting to learn how to DJ. I also ski a lot after doing a ski season in France over my gap year. I like to travel as well, so am a relatively well rounded guy. I also like to try and exercise outside of uni sports as well, such as cycling and swimming.

Tutor Experience

I am easy to talk to, hard working, and always try and see a different way of looking at varying questions. I will repeat things as many times as necessary before you understand it, and if even then it isn't going in, I'll try another approach. No question is too silly to ask as well.

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Bipin - Further Maths

David is very knowledgeable and prepares his classes well.

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