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I mainly tutor IB Biology and Chemistry. I also offer insiders' tips for BMAT and Oxbridge interviews!

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About me

Tutoring has always been a passion of mine and I have been doing it since graduating from high school. Aside of that, I enjoy playing the violin and have obtained the Trinity Guildhall Licentiate Diploma at the age of 12. I have won various music competitions in the past, and have attended international music courses where masterclasses were given by world renowned virtuous musicians. I am also an active member of the Cambridge University Music Society Symphony Orchestra, and have taken up the role of publicity officer since last year. I am heavily involved in concerts and performances with other chamber groups and quartets in the university as well. As a vet student, I also enjoy horse riding a lot. I have been riding since a very young age. In addition, I have done up to 40 weeks of extra mural studies, where I helped in vet clinics in both Hong Kong and England, including Bell Equine Vet Clinic, Hong Kong Ocean Park, the Hong Kong SPCA and Kadoorie Farm. My duties included shadowing vets, communicating with pet owners, preparing for surgial examinations as well as assisting in animal husbandry work such as lambing and snake releases. I have an extremely strong passion for my studies and my job. I believe I demonstrate equal dedication in tutoring students as I do in my extra-curricular activities.

Tutor Experience

I have been providing guidance to students applying for Oxbridge medicine/veterinary medicine including BMAT and interview help for two years. The question types that I provide in class are extremely similar to the real interviews thus can provide students with a simulation of the real interview, making it less daunting. I also have organsied materials for the BMAT preparation. Since completing the International Baccalaureate in 2014 with a score of 44 and a bilingual qualification in English and Chinese literature, I have been tutoring students in both Hong Kong and England. I mainly tutor HL biology and chemistry, but have also offered help to students doing SL English A Literature and Mandarin. I have also had students for GCSE in these subjects. Teaching via skype is not new to me as I have worked for tutoring companies before where they offer an online platform to teach students in different continents. I feel that the modern world technology has enabled tutors to interact with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and I believe that every student has his or her unique learning method. By getting to know more about the student's abilities and potential, I can help students develop their strengths as well as work on areas that they are struggling more with by bringing them out of their comfort zone. Every student has various learning methods and tutors need to unders...

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