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University of Cambridge - Education - BA

I can offer:
- experience
- intellectual rigour and engagement
- breadth
- broadening access
- open minded attitude
- humility
- dedication
- fun

About me

I think it's fair to say I don't take myself too seriously and I love making people laugh. When I'm not studying or tutoring, I tend to be rehearsing. I am currently a member of the Cambridge Footlights, and spend a lot of time trying to be funny (and probably failing). I have also directed and acted in a number of plays, both inside and outside of university. If not working with other people's writing, I write or co-write my own material also, some of which is to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.
I have a love for travelling and exploring: whenever I get a chance, I take myself off on some sort of adventure- my most recent was to a remote island in the Philippines to build some bamboo huts.
Music is another huge interest of mine. I am a terrible singer, and probably a terrible oboe player (I have never tried), but going to concerts, music festivals and open mic nights is my jam (apologies for the horrendous pun).
Of course, through studying education, being in education, and educating others, you could say I have a passion for education. I am fascinated by the ways in which theatre and arts education can be used outside of the classroom, and in wider society.
Finally, I am a big fan of long walks and Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently I do a cracking Jack Sparrow impersonation.

Tutor Experience

I was not always an A* candidate, and understand the realities of not always finding things easy! The combination of skills I have acquired from teaching in foreign countries, studying education at Cambridge, and actually being a student means I am qualified to provide the necessary academic input, alongside building confidence, focus and motivation.
My experiences include teaching English, drama and running theatre workshops in the UK, France and India. Through studying Education with English and Drama at Cambridge, I am knowledgeable not only in effective teaching methodology, but also a range of subjects such as sociology, history, philosophy, psychology, English, theatre studies, film, and more broader concepts such as modernity, globalization, pluralism and global inequalities.
I have academic credibility: I just gained a 1st in my second year examinations.
Learning can be tough, and hopefully my open minded approach, friendliness and enthusiasm for learning can be of service! I am dedicated to enabling genuine understanding and confidence, rather than just a regurgitation of knowledge.
I have tutored three Oxbridge candidates- two of whom were successful, the other made it to interview rounds. I believe I can offer a realistic and valuable insight into the process itself, as well as acting as a strong and consistent support.