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Friendly, sociable and talkative, I'll make the work feel less like... work.

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About me

Although studying at Oxford can take up a lot of your time, I'm always keen to break away from this bubble when possible. As an avid Film and TV fan I usually think that the perfect way to unwind is by indulging in the latest American series which is taking the internet by storm, or by just watching some trash TV. Adding onto this, I've been writing on film and TV for a while now, and have lots of writing experience for student publications, including editing experience with The Oxford Student. However I'm not always glued to a computer screen or stuck in a Cinema screening room! I've been a keen fitness enthusiast for a long time now - this sees me play at college level for the football, rugby and cricket teams, and I always try and get a gym or home workout done each day. Equally, I'm always interested to learn about the latest nutritional and workout trends, as well as being a keen cook! When all the fitness goes out the window however, I always love socialising with friends - whether that be a coffee or a night out. Therefore I'm someone who hates having 'dead' time on their hands, as I'm always trying to do something new and interesting.

Tutor Experience

Ever since my GCSEs I've been a keen advocate of helping those both in my year and those who are younger. Any form of collegiate work offers an opportunity for debate, and an exchanging of ideas. Flexibility is a key part of being a tutor, as it means that the student will be much more likely to feel confident enough to posit their own ideas and debate topics openly (something which is a necessity in a subject like History, or indeed any of the humanities). A good tutor will provide a structure which is adaptable and fosters this type of discourse, and create a positive working environment for everyone involved. Yet as important as ideas are, a tutor also needs to be confident, clear and concise when teaching. The old adage suggests that if you can't explain your subject to a young child then you don't know it well enough; this is something that I fundamentally agree with, as true expertise stems from being able to make your subject accessible.

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