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Tutor seeking to sharing some of his knowledge and expertise with pupils while gaining more tutoring experiencing. A win-win game for both sides

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About me

While at studying for my first degree, there was no tutoring services available at all. Therefore, my friends and I got into the habit of studying together in groups at the university library. That helped us not only to help ourselves with other’s problems, but also led to a greater friendships. Some of us knew how to solve certain problems whereas others knew how to solve others. This was a truly collaborative process and it touched me a lot. Today, I hope to use some of my experience and knowledge to guide you on your studies. You will gain someone who will help you to achieve your goals. On the other hand, I will gain the good feeling of accomplishment after having helped you to successfully achieve your study goals.
I am fluent in English, although I have got some level of hearing deficiency, which might affect communication. If you are getting the impression that I am not understanding you, write down. So that, I can provide help as accurately and thorough as possible. I will not be offended if you resort to writing at some point. However, I hope that these moments will be rare.
On a personal level, I am a friendly and approachable person. Please, do not hesitate to let me know what the best way for me to help you is.

Tutor Experience

I have already worked as advisor of undergraduate-level students during the development of their final year projects a few years ago. That was something similar to tutoring, in which I met in a weekly basis with the students and helped them over questions about the quality of their own work. All of them passed on their assessments and we published some papers together at conferences. While there, I also participated in assessment commissions of other students undertaking their final year projects.

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