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Professional IGCSE Computer Science Tutors

All of our high quality IGCSE Computer Science Tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

  • professional online Computer Science tutor Myles
    Computer Science BSc MSc, Staffordshire
    A tutor that thoroughly enjoys tutoring students while dedicated to achieving the best.
    3824 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Joshua
    Computer Science, Anglia Ruskin
    I am an experienced Head of Department in a secondary school and I teach Computer Science, ICT, Mathematics and Programming to students in Year 7 through to A-level.
    1248 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Yoram
    MSc Computer Science, Hertfordshire
    Highly experienced professional and motivational tutor, with an MSc degree and more than 12 years’ experience in private tuition.
    2404 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Momna
    Information Technology, University of Sussex
    I pursued my passion of learning Computer Science for more then 10 years (GCSE to 2 Masters degrees) and Now teaching a range of age group including GCSE, Btec and A-Level from last 4 four years.
    132 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Shahid
    Computing and Information Systems, London Metropolitan University
    Computer Science tutor and trainer with many years of experience in teaching GCSE, A-level and undergraduate students. I am an expert in teaching all the theory as well as programming content of different syllabus from AQA, OCR, CIE, and any independent university module. Develop customize lessons depending on student requirements, learning abilities and objectives to build their confidence as well as knowledge on the subject. Give training to Computer Science teachers in equipping them with necessary skills and pedagogy techniques to deliver effective and engaging in-class lessons at different schools in UK.
    1775 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Peter
    M.Eng Computer Science (Software Engineering), Imperial College London
    Professionally qualified UK teacher with 15 years' experience supporting student in Computer Science up to post-graduate degree level. Available for UNDERGRAD SUMMER RE-SIT exams support. Expertise covers wide range of programming languages including R, Haskell, Java, Python, C++, C, SQL & Database systems; theory of algorithms and operating systems.
    1182 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Konstantinos
    Computer Science, Patras University
    Experienced Computer Science Professor. Tutoring and Training are my passions, and I love to inspire my students in becoming professionals.
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Simi
    Management Science, Swansea University
    Experienced and qualified Maths & Further Maths teacher. Helps students improve confidence in Maths and also prepare them for Common Entrance exams and University admissions tests.
    634 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Mantas
    Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
    I am a PhD student in Theoretical Plasma Physics and a college lecturer at Oxford university, I'm also an enthusiastic tutor, and I would be excited to help you improve your understanding of Maths/Physics/Engineering.
    225 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Shenji
    Computer Science, ETH Zurich
    Technology professional, and educator with a Masters in Computer Science. I listen, adapt and tailor each lesson to maximise your learning experience, combining theory with practical examples.
    86 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Peter
    Computing & Information Technology, University of Northumbria
    Let's find the focus!
    316 hours taught
  • professional online Computer Science tutor Simon
    Mathematics, King's College London
    After finishing my PhD in Mathematics, I moved to teach at the specialist King's College London Mathematics School - AS Computer Science, and also preparing preparing students for the mathematics admissions tests of various universities.
    107 hours taught

Recent Computer Science IGCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Momna - Corine- Computer Science - IGCSE
5th August 2023
Momna teaches my son coding / python . She has been julian’s teacher for 6 months now . Julian enjoys his lessons and is loving coding ! He has diligently homework that he tries his best to do for each lesson !
Luke - Joel- Computer Science - IGCSE
2nd August 2023
Great teacher.
Luke - Joel- Computer Science - IGCSE
28th June 2023
My son said his first lesson was excellent & he thinks this is really going to help him. Thank you, Luke.
Turgay - Justice- Computer Science - IGCSE
16th May 2023
Turgay has been very helpful for the past few months, he has really improved my confidence for both the theory and programming papers. I have already taken my first paper and was able to understand and explain most if not everything on the paper and I'm now about to take the second. Thank you very much for all the help
Luke - Ed- Computer Science - IGCSE
14th April 2023
Good feedback on sources and materials to review.
Luke - Ed- Computer Science - IGCSE
29th March 2023
Good help andd focus.
Momna - Corine- Computer Science - IGCSE
18th February 2023
Very interesting and fun lesson!
Momna - Corine- Computer Science - IGCSE
9th February 2023
Very fun, quick, easy lesson to learn!
Momna - Corine- Computer Science - IGCSE
4th February 2023
I found this session very quick,fun and easy to learn. It was really easy to understand and very interesting!
Peter - Ivy- Computer Science - IGCSE
8th August 2022
It was very helpful, many thanks!


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FAQs for IGCSE Computer Science Tutors

What is IGCSE Computer Science?

IGCSE Computer Science is a subject that introduces students to foundational aspects of computer science, such as programming, algorithms, and computer systems. It’s an internationally recognised course that enriches students’ understanding of the realm of computer science, including crucial programming languages and data structures, serving as a cornerstone level of education for those between the ages of 14 to 16.

Why should I choose Spires Online Tutors for IGCSE Computer Science in UK?

Spires Online Tutors is a leading online tutoring platform in the UK, specialising in offering highly experienced and skilled computer science tutors. Our computer science tutors bring an unparalleled level of expertise in the IGCSE curriculum to aid students in mastering the subject. Our tutors are experts in providing tailored computer science lessons to students, designed to meet the specific needs of each student.

How can an online tutor help me with IGCSE Computer Science and programming?

An online tutor can offer specialised one-on-one computer science lessons that are adapted to your specific student needs and learning style. From programming to data analysis, our tutors can demystify complex computer science topics, answer your questions, and guide you through assignments and exam preparations. Programming help is one of our tutor’s strong suits, ensuring that your programming skills align with IGCSE requirements.

What qualifications do the Computer Science tutors at Spires have?

Our computer science tutors at Spires Online Tutors, particularly those focused on IGCSE computer science tutoring, are highly qualified and experienced professionals. These tutors work to bring an elevated level of computer science knowledge and practical programming experience to the table, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive educational experience.

How do I get started with an IGCSE Computer Science tutor from Spires?

Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website and complete the registration form. Our team of experienced tutors will then match you with a tutor who aligns with your individual needs and preferences in computer science. You’ll be well on your way to receiving excellent computer science tutoring tailored to your needs.

Can I choose the tutor for my IGCSE Computer Science lessons?

Absolutely, we at Spires Online Tutors know how crucial it is to find the perfect tutor tailored to your educational needs in Computer Science. During the sign-up process, you can pinpoint specific qualities you’re looking for in a tutor—be it their level of experience, teaching approach, or any other preferences. Our aim is to pair you with a tutor that best fits your learning style and needs for Computer Science tutoring.

What resources will I need for IGCSE Computer Science lessons?

For your IGCSE Computer Science lessons, a computer with stable internet access and a webcam is essential. Additionally, specific software for computer programming, such as Python, may be required depending on the course’s curriculum. Your tutor might also recommend other resources, including online materials and textbooks, to enhance your data representation and algorithmic understanding.

How often should a student have IGCSE Computer Science lessons?

The frequency of your online Computer Science lessons truly depends on your personal needs and academic goals. Some students opt for weekly lessons, while others may prefer more intensive tuition as exams approach. Your computer science tutor will work closely with you to formulate a personalised learning plan.

Can I get help with my IGCSE Computer Science coursework and assignments?

Definitely! Our pool of experienced IGCSE Computer Science tutors is dedicated to assisting you with your coursework, assignments, and even entire courses. With their extensive experience in computer science and specifically in the IGCSE curriculum, our tutors can not only guide you through the ins and outs of your work but also help you grasp the underlying programming and data concepts such as Python etc. Your Computer Science tutor will be an invaluable resource in helping you understand course requirements and offering constructive feedback to improve your performance.

How can I track my progress in IGCSE Computer Science?

At Spires Online Tutors, keeping tabs on your learning progress in computer science is simple. Our IGCSE Computer Science tutors provide consistent feedback and regular assessments, so you’ll always know where you stand. With experience in evaluating student needs and understanding the UK education system’s intricacies, your tutor can help you set achievable goals and will offer you a structured plan to monitor your steady improvement in computer science. Students find this targeted approach very beneficial, especially as computer science exams draw nearer.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

We understand that student needs can change and sometimes you might need to reschedule a computer science lesson. That’s why at Spires Online Tutors, we maintain a flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy, which is consistent with UK standards. All you need to do is inform your tutor in a timely manner, and they will work closely with you to find a suitable time for your next lesson. We always aim to accommodate the needs of our students to ensure a smooth tutoring experience.

How can I provide feedback on my IGCSE Computer Science teacher?

We value your feedback on our computer science tutors at Spires Online Tutors. After each computer science lesson, you will have the opportunity to rate and provide feedback on your tutor’s performance in teaching computer science. Open communication between the student and the computer science teacher is encouraged, and we appreciate any comments that can help improve our computer science tuition services.

Can I switch tutors if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, if you find that your experience with your computer science tutor is less than satisfactory, you may request a teacher switch in computer science tutors. Our policy is designed to ensure you have the best learning experience possible in computer science, and we’ll match you with a different computer science tutor whose profile better aligns with your needs in computer science courses.

How long are the IGCSE Computer Science lessons?

The duration of IGCSE computer science lessons varies depending on the student’s availability and needs. Typically, our computer science tutors schedule lessons to last one hour, but you can discuss altering this with your computer science teacher if you require shorter or longer computer science sessions.

How much does online tutoring for IGCSE Computer Science cost?

The cost of online computer science tuition at Spires Online Tutors is influenced by various data points, such as the qualifications and experience of the computer science tutor, and the number of computer science courses or lessons you require. Our policy is to offer competitive pricing, so please consult our website for more specific data on our computer science tuition costs.

What if I have additional questions or need further assistance?

If you have any additional questions about computer science or need further assistance with their computer science courses or academic work, our support team is always available. You can message us through our online platform’s messaging system, and we’ll promptly provide the necessary support for your computer science questions.

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