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University of Bath - BSc (hons) Computer Science with Mathematics (1st class) - PhD Computer Science


Friendly and engaging tutor with years of experience teaching and lecturing students from GCSE to MSc level.

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About me

As you might expect I have always been fascinated with computers, as young as I can remember I wanted to grow up to be a programmer. That lead to my academic path and I will always be a computer scientist – I love technology, efficiency, and creativity.

But my interests span so much more broadly. An interest in photography is a natural consequence, it combines beauty and gadgets more than most else. One of the most fundamental aspects of my life is my love of music, and really any genre goes, from pop to electronic, rap, rock, classical, and even opera. I am a regular visitor to the Royal Opera House in London and in my spare time try to find time to blast out a few arias myself. Games are another thing that have been with me my entire life. Be they video or board games, I find them some of the most effective forms of entertainment alone and amazing ways to socialise in groups. But if you asked someone about me the first thing they mention would probably be coffee – don't get me started on bold natural Ethiopians or the value of magnesium in coffee brewing water unless you don't want me to stop.

Tutor Experience

I have always been a port of call for friends and colleagues, but I began formal tutoring as a member of academic staff in 2010, providing one-on-one help for Computer Science units at my university. I was consistently top-rated by my students and was on multiple occasions asked to give advice to other tutors at the university. After my PhD I became a full time teaching fellow, and was the sole unit convenor on four undergraduate and two postgraduate units, from writing and delivering lectures to setting and marking exams and coursework. The whole time I had some private students and now I do this full time, as a private tutor one-on-one and in small groups – the format that I think really benefits the students most.

I offer a friendly and experienced approach, focusing on trying to see the problem from the student's point of view. It is very easy for someone who has completed their education to forget how hard it can be to learn something from scratch. I combine my expertise with my personable nature to quickly identify where the student is struggling, and then try a variety of approaches to bring true comprehension; not simply knowing the answer, but understanding it.

I have been tutoring online for years and with the advancements in webcam quality, Internet speed, and using a pen tablet combined with whiteboard software I genuinely believe the experience is superior to face-to-face tutoring.

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