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I teach students how to work out what the examiner is asking them.

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About me

Fully qualified teacher, Graduate from the University of Manchester. OFSTED registered lead tutor. Reputation for achieving success both in schools and in the tutoring sector. My students are taking part in the University of Cambridge problem-solving challenges (this includes my tuttees).

I am also team leader for an Xprize team.

Tutor Experience

25 years Teaching Maths, Chemistry, and Biology to A level, Head of Catalyst International school.

My main talent is teaching students how to understand applied questions and problem-solving.

I have access to all the exam questions databases provided by AQA and Edexcel. This is of the utmost importance as there are limited past papers to work from.

My tutees gain access to over a 1000 worksheets on my website as i expect a lot of homework to be completed.

I instruct on exam strategy and technique as knowledge is little use without application. The method is one that my colleagues and i developed since the 90`s and has been refined over the past 20 years.

For some students, i run small classes of problems solving and exam practice which cost £20 per hour for GCSE and £25 for A level, this reduces the cost and still provides intense study sessions.

Price: $45-55/hr

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