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I am a laid back, helpful and a fun person who you would never forget. Did you know maths can be fun?

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About me

I do all kinds of fun things. I do a bit of road cycling for the uni, I build bikes, I even service bikes. From time to time I buy new bike parts and sell the old ones. Sometimes I dream about bikes at night too. It's my passion these days. I do other things too, though. Having been a concert pianist for 10 years, I couldn't find the time to practise in Oxford, but still can play a few nice tunes if required during the tutorial. I paint, but abstract stuff, so you wouldn't like my paintings. I boast about making my own wine at home too. It' so much fun having weird bottles and contraptions laying around (fermenting). Even have a cellar at home. Speaking of home, have I mentioned that I'm originally from Istanbul? Amazing city, but a bit concerning these days. It's really hard to cycle there because of some disrespectful truck drivers. They intentionally drive right behind you and keep honking... Nonetheless I Istanbul has a very interesting mix of literally everything. I could tell you all about it after the tutorial.

Tutor Experience

I tend to learn better when I teach. Having always been the best maths / physics student in my class (until Oxford), I got to become the natural tutor. I love the challenge of solving a difficult problem, but what I love even more is to explain how I did it. Mathematics and physics problems all require certain approaches, generally based on breaking everything into little segments that have familiar solutions and then merging these into a general solution in a comprehensive manner. What I am best at is the fact that I can see the way most problems are structured and have the ability to inherently call the correct solution (basic engineering). Furthermore, I know the path to gaining this ability and I would love to share my experience with you.

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