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University of Oxford - Physics - MPhys

I am a student at Oxford studying physics (which involves a lot of maths too)!

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About Me

If I'm not at the library studying, I might be found taking precise measurements of mass, temperature and time to brew a perfect cup of coffee. I also enjoy working out, running, and reading all sorts of books (for which Oxford's libraries is a godsend) in my spare time.

Tutor Experience

I used to tutor my schoolmates in IGCSE and A-levels. I also helped to run a mathematics club which gave exciting lessons and demonstrations of mathematics and physics outside of the syllabus on a regular basis, as well as at events that we would organise like mathematics week and math quizzes.
I am also a volunteer on a Malaysian website that helps Malaysian university applicants fine tune their personal statements and give them insight on the application processes for UK universities.

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