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About me

I work as Curriculum Leader for Computer Science at a large non-selective academy in the south of England. I have an MSc in Computing and Information Technology and consistently guide my classes to achieve high grades in their Computing GCSEs. I currently have a class of 18 Year 9 and 10 students working towards an AS-Level in Computer Science and I expect them to do brilliantly. I am also employed annually by one of the main examination boards to work as a coursework moderator and examiner in the subject. On top of all that, I'm a member of the Magic Circle and worked as a professional magician for many years. I recently also got my 1st Dan black belt in karate and have another degree in Film & TV Production.

Tutor Experience

I am a full-time Computer Science teacher and guide my daytime students to impressive grades in Computing. My keenest students in years 9 and 10 are already working towards an AS-Level in Computer Science to supplement and support the GCSE course. I set my students' goals high.

I'm very adept at helping students cut through confusion, focus on precise language and find the focus in theory topics to deliver mark-scheme friendly answers in examinations.

Client Reviews

Stephen - Computer Science

This class has hugely helped improve my knowledge and confidence in the subject

K - Computer Science

Danny found the 2 hour lesson in which he completed an old exam paper very beneficial

K - Computer Science

Very good practice completing an old exam paper

Ranjodh - Computer Science

Great progress made today!

Ranjodh - Computer Science

Very grateful for fitting in a last minute lesson

K - Computer Science

Great! Helpful on subject of future schooling as well. Thanks Pete

K - Computer Science

Well Jude is definitely enjoying it, and it is challenging him!

Rajiv - Computer Science

Peter was really good - he has deep knowledge of the subject and a genuine drive to help others - a great tutor! He was really helpful with my coursework and was able to give valuable input to help me attain the best marks that I can for the subject.

Rajiv - Computer Science

Peter went above and beyond and was really helpful with suggesting improvements for my coursework


"I got back from a month long trip in Uganda recently and only opened my results a couple days ago. (I'm not sure if I'm interpreting it wrong or it's an error but) my results said I got full UMS (in both my exam and courseworks!!), so I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher and being so supportive in my learning, and I am extraordinarily happy (and also quite utterly shocked) with all the marks and grade that I achieved!" H

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MSc Computing and Information Technology (with Distinction) - Northumbria University
PGCE Secondary Education (IT)
BA(Hons), Photography, Film & TV Production (Moving Image)


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