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University of Cape Town - BSc in Computer Science and Business Computing - IEB Matric (2014, 82% average)


I am passionate about teaching, and enjoy finding the best way to accomodate everyone's unique learning style

Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 19 Last Online: 31 Mar 2020
All-time Students: 2 Total Classes: 16 Signed Up: 09 May 2017

About me

Throughout my undergraduate and 2 year of professional software development experience, I have developed a unique teaching style that relies on conversation and personal interaction that allows the student to gain new insights into seemingly old information. I really enjoy connecting with the student, and helping them realize their academic goals.
I am an avid programmer, usually having two or three side projects on the go that I love to discuss with people that share a common interest in software development.
I also enjoy a bit of Sunday league football.

Tutor Experience

I try to develop a personal relationship with the student as I feel it allows me to better gauge how the student is currently engaging with the content, and how it could be improved. Over the past 2 and a half years I have gained a lot of experience in various learning and teaching styles, all of my students have not only performed better in examinations, but become more interested and passionate about the topic.

Client Reviews

Sara - Programming

Good at explaining difficult concepts by giving examples

Mel - Computer Science

He's the best tutor I've ever had! Very knowledgeable and really helps

Mel - Computer Science

So informative and helpful! Also so patient and I feel like I learn so much : )

Mel - Computer Science

Amazing and informative class as always :D

Mel - Computer Science

Awesome as always. I learn so much in these sessions : )

Mel - Computer Science

Very enjoyable class that helped a lot! : )

Mel - Computer Science

Amazingly helpful :)

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