Chemistry BA Hons

Patient, understanding, flexible to your working style.

5.0 (1)

1 hour of classes

About me

I have worked in a travelling circus as a stage hypnotist. I also run my own perfumery company!

Tutor Experience

I have the following qualifications:
Natural Sciences Degree from the University of Cambridge.
A* at A Level in Chemistry and Biology.
A at A level in German (and subsequent time living and working in Germany).
A at AS level in Maths.
I am approachable and patient, with a keen interest in the science and language skills. I have experience working one on one with many students and I enjoy adapting my teaching style to fit the individual student. I believe in treating every student as an adult and showing the highest level of respect to my pupils.
I will work to your requirements, and the pace you choose. If you would benefit from additional working exercises, this can also be arranged.
I prefer to teach the hows and whys of the world, as opposed to block memorization. I have found most success in helping my pupils to understand why the answer is what it is, and not just to accept it.


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