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King's College London - Computer Science (Artifical Intelligence) - BSc


I'm a really passionate Computer Science and Statistics tutor, who loves sharing my knowledge.

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About me

When I'm not tutoring, I enjoy working on little hobby programming projects, as well as organising experiences for young people through an Explorer Scout Unit (ages 14-18) that I lead, I recently took a small unit to Finland, for an international camp.

Tutor Experience

I recently attained a first in BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from King's College London, as well as having an A* in A-Level Maths. I'm currently working towards a Masters (MSc Medical Statistics) and PhD (Public Health - creating computer simulations of physical activity) funded through an MRC 1+3 award at the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine. I have significant experience in computer science research having authored two papers that are in their final stages of development. I also have worked as a data scientist on projects with external clients.

I'm very passionate about Computer Science, I enjoy teaching as many people as will listen the joys of programming. I was an Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ages 6-8) as well as an Explorer Scout Leader (ages 14-18) so have experience in working with children of all age ranges. I enjoy creating personalised lessons, for every person I tutor, and making sure that it works for them.

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