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University of Oxford - Philosophy and Modern Languages - BA


I think an active role in one's own learning is important.

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About me

I am very international and have lived in different countries. I was born in Luxembourg and as such a French native, but am originally half Spanish and Portuguese, and lived in Ireland as a child, Belgium, the UK, and Germany. I have always been interested in languages as a tool to communicate, and think that should be the way a language is taught, rather than focusing on the grammar as a way of achieving fluency.

I just graduated from an M.A. at King's College London in the Digital Humanities and after working for a year as a Content Executive at CitizenMe have decided to continue to a PhD.

Tutor Experience

I have experience with teenagers and children, and the most interesting and rewarding part of tutoring is seeing as the student gradually becomes more independent with their learning. Seeing as someone gradually realises what they are missing and what they need to do to improve is especially challenging: but it is the key to having better results!

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