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Boston University - BA/MA - Economics combined with a second undergraduate major in Middle East and North Africa Studies


I am an experienced academic and test prep tutor specializing in math, English, and economics.

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About me

I am happily married and a proud dog owner. In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and friends, watching movies, blogging, traveling, and playing sports. I also like discussing a variety of topics, including entrepreneurship, investing, technology, family and relationships, and culture and society.

Tutor Experience

I enjoy helping students build the skills they need to achieve their goals and raise their grades and test scores. I tutor both K-12 students and college students. My goal is to help students reach their full potential. I base my tutoring sessions on students’ needs by identifying areas of improvement and using different teaching methods and materials. It is important for students to have confidence and become independent learners, which is why I also create goals with students and help them keep track of their progress. The environment I try to create in each tutoring session is one of positiveness, cooperation, and acceptance of mistakes.