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University of Northampton, University of Portsmouth - Psychology and Criminology & Post Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice - PGDip


I help students increase their grades in social sciences.

I know how much your struggling understanding content, writing essays and structuring your work. It can be overwhelming and you need that push in the right directions. If you struggle when it comes to exams I know that you have it inside you to pass and can show you exactly how to do it confidently.

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All-time Students: 31 Total Classes: 108 Signed Up: 22 Jan 2020

About me

I graduated in 2010 with a 2:1 degree in Psychology and Criminology.

I have a post graduate degree in Criminal Justice with Merit and have over 6 years experience working as a Probation Officer for the Ministry of Justice (HMPPS). Throughout my career I have worked with adults which can include helping them identify and achieve their goals, improve problem solving skills, develop their individual skills and traits. I have experience working with adults with differing learning styles and attributes such as dyslexia, ADHD as well as those who have been out of the education system for some time.

I have a wealth of knowledge of the criminal justice system in addition to psychology. I am very happy to be helping you on your journey to learn.

I am passionate about bringing out the best in people and helping them achieve to the best of their ability. I am honest and reliable and can offer constructive feedback and support for your learning.

I have specific interests in social injustice, including poverty, racism and the criminal justice system. This extends to having a passionate interest in policy making. I am an associate board member for 'we are telescope' a social innovative organisation who aim to bring frontline workers and policy makers together to make improved policy decisions.

I am a mum of 2 young children which helps many parents who are studying as adults relate to me and ensure flexibility given your schedules.

*I hold public liability insurance and am registered to pay tax in the UK which can be produced prior to your lesson.

Tutor Experience

I am an expert in the field of Psychology and Criminology, having worked in the ministry of justice for over 10 years working directly with offenders and have 6 years experience as a qualified probation officer working directly In a forensic psychology setting working with offenders.

I bring years of expert knowledge to enable you to grasp difficult concepts and apply them to your academic work.
In my 4 years as a tutor over 10 years experience as a mentor I have helped students achieve their goals and they have all improved their results and gone on to get the uni place and start their dream career. I know how important this is to you.

A level Psychology:

My expertise with the AQA Psychology syllabus ensures that I can help you using the best methods. My formula has ensured that students have all passed their psychology a level exams. Specifically I will focus on finding out the areas you struggle with and what are your strengths and develop both to ensure you get those results.
I also know the importance of revision skills and techniques which I help students develop. I use a variety of collaborative methods to help students learn and be motivated to enjoy the subject and our lessons.

Undergrad and post grad:

My experience working directly in the field helps my students understand fully how theory and practice link together. My techniques include working on your motivation and commitment, developing your structure and planning and developing critical analysis skills to ensure you reach the highest marks.

Each session is tailored to the students own learning style and desired outcome.

When students are working with me they say how clear they feel after a lesson, how confident they feel going into exams and have improved their results.

Topic Expertise

I have over 10 years experience working in the criminal justice profession in forensic settings - working directly with offenders. I have first hand extensive knowledge of how the Criminal Justice System works, The Courts, Prison System, Mental Health and Social Work.

I have specific subject knowledge Psychology and Criminology.

I also have specific subject expertise in Undergraduate Psychology, Criminology, Sociology and Law, specifically criminal law, Probation Studies and Criminal Justice. My expertise working in a practitioner role and understanding the nature of working holistically also means I have been able to tutor midwifery, nursing and counselling students.

I am the author of: Success on Probation: A Step By Step System to Reform Your Life And Release Yourself From Your Mental Jail. A Book applying the concepts of problem solving to rehabilitate offenders.

Client Reviews

Mara - Psychology

Sarah is amazing, professional, smart, and very helpful. I highly advise you to get a lesson with her.

lolu - Nursing

Enjoyed my first class. Sarah was very helpful, quickly identified my learning needs and provided resources to explore. looking forward to working with her on a long term basis.

Lilianna - Psychology

Sarah has a great insight into the topic, knowledge and practice. She is high skilled in academic aspects in her teaching. Thank you.

Prudence - Social Work

Excellent tutorial

Prudence - Social Work


Lilianna - Psychology

Very detailed and eloquent feedback. Very good tutor, highly recommended. Thank you

Avantika - Psychology

helpful and understanding

Fatima - Dissertations

Thank you, Sarah.


Kind, extremely helpful tutor who is very organised. Has really helped me with my A level sociology!

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Qualification: BA
Institute: University of Northampton
Course: Psychology with Criminology
Grade: 2:1
Date: 2010
Qualification: PGDip
Institute: University of Portsmouth
Course: Criminal Justice
Grade: Merit
Date: 2014


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