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Manchester; Cranfield; Surrey - Computer Science/Engineering - BSc; MSc; PhD


If you are looking for Maths, Physics & Computer Science to A-Level I can help. The syllabus between boards in the subjects are not that different, but I am more familiar with the Cambridge A Levels.

At university I can help with technical report writing/thesis/dissertation, up to PhD thesis level, and consultancy on university choices.

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About me

I have a BSc, MSc and PhD in Computer Science, Robotics and Computer Vision (all from Russell Group Universities). I have had an interest in computer science from a young age and I published my first computer program, in Z80 Assembler, at the age of 15 in "Your Computer" magazine.

I studied Maths, Physics Chemistry A Levels (all A* equivalent) and was taught by highly qualified teachers (all had PhD's) so am aware of how to hone a student to achieve high grades.

My teaching philosophy, is to instil a good understanding of the fundamentals. This improves retention and reduces confusion if a question in an exam is posed slightly differently. I also believe in a holistic approach to education which includes a balance of study, diet and exercise to achieve optimum performance.

I have completed modules in the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) from the University of Nottingham.

I am aware of the standards required for entry to the top universities. I was the MSc Admissions Director and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering/Science at a Russell Group University. I still maintain a network of contacts with academics at a number of prominent universities.

I was the module convenor for a postgraduate module on research aimed for Masters and PhD which included academic writing.

Tutor Experience

My particular strength is in Physics and Maths (esp. Pure Maths/Mechanics/Physics).
I have tutored Cambridge A Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, teaching them to achieve a high standard.

At degree level I can assist with technical report writing. I designed and delivered workshop on technical writing (using Latex). I have advised PhD students, focusing on structuring their thesis/dissertations and research papers.

As a former University MSc admissions tutor I can advise on completing personal statements, and what to look for in a university, and have assisted drafting personal statements university entry.


"He instils confidence in his students and manages to get them to understand without spoon feeding." Professor Dino Isa, Professor of Intelligent Systems University of Nottingham

"He has also been invited to speak on research and publishing. As a PhD co-supervisor Dr Munir, provided excellent research training; the student who is now a postdoc, is a prolific author of papers accepted at high quality journals and conferences." Professor Zawawi, School of Computer Sciences, USM

Price: $45-55/hr

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I have taken modules that lead to the PGCHE qualification (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education).


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