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I truly believe that studying maths and physics can be incredibly rewarding. I hope that I can inspire success in you too.

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About me

When I'm not tutoring or studying physics I like to cycle, walk, cook and listen to music (not simultaneously). My other interests include reading about philosophy and theology and going to church. I enjoy watching international cricket and rugby (England and South Africa are my favourite teams). I like to keep up with recent developments in science and technology, I am excited to see how physics can help to provide clean energy for the future (I think that the best prospect is liquid flourine thorium reactors although new technologies in solar and wind power are really exciting too).

Tutor Experience

When I was at school I had a maths teacher who challenged me and made the subject interesting which is a large part of why I chose to study physics at university. With enough practise anyone can succeed in their school maths exams, even topics that seem totally alien at first can become second nature with perseverance and when someone teaches you the "tricks of the trade". I helped my younger sister with her maths GCSE's and I'm happy to say that her view of maths has totally changed, she's now studying maths at AS level which is so encouraging. I am patient and will try my best to explain difficult topics in a way that my students can understand. I won't just tell them how to write down the correct answer but will make sure that they truly grasp what is going on before moving on. I am so grateful to the teachers who helped me so I'd love to give back to those who would like a little extra help in their studies.

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