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University of Cambridge - MPhil in Engineering; BSc(Engineering) with First-Class Honours - Engineering for Sustainable Development; Chemical Engineering


I always make certain that my students have all the to tools to know "how" and "why" to ensure they can find solutions to any problems.

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About me

Aside from my academic passions, the stage and the outdoors have always been my "second home". I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and when I was not expanding my knowledge in the classroom, I was rehearsing and performing on stage. Whether I was dancing (tap, modern, jazz, hip hop and Latin & ballroom) or singing, I have always had a passion for the performing arts. Off-stage and outside, I have always had a love of extreme sports, be it water skiing, wake-boarding, snow skiing, or sky diving. I am always enthusiastic about immersing myself in new experiences.
Another extra-curricular that I have always made time for is providing additional academic support for high school students in science and mathematics through non-profit outreach programmes.

Tutor Experience

I have had experience as a high school teacher, a senior teaching assistant at university and a private tutor. I treat every student as an individual and try to understand what is not understood in order to develop student-specific tools to solve any problem. I believe that building student confidence with practice and encouragement will always allow for exciting, easy and sustainable learning.
My passion and enthusiasm for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) tends to rub off on all of my students. Seeing the spark in their eyes when their confidence grows with each improvement, inspires both me and my students and allows us to grow together.


"I would just like to commend my tutor, Cara. She is incredible. She taught me with enthusiasm and is very approachable. She welcomes questions during, in-between and after lectures and tutorials. I felt that this significant teaching should be highlighted. Furthermore, I felt that she has really transformed my experience of tutoring."

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Senior Teaching Assistant at the University of Cape Town;
High School Teacher;
Private Academic Tutor


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