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I tutor because I simply love passing on knowledge, and seeing my tutees eventually share the same enthusiasm.

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About me

I'm currently a PhD candidate at Cambridge University, studying Physics. I tutored for approximately 3 years during my UG degree and have built a particular style which I try to mould to each student. I've spent a lot of my time in academia developing computational models and simulations for theoretical physics; namely to date my last two projects involved creating a simulation for detection of dark matter and a Monte Carlo method for investigating electron transmission in a triode assembly. Outside of studies I'm trying to become some sort of low-tech Tony Stark; having recently built my own 3D printer. I enjoy creating things, and have numerous projects I'm currently working on; from building an all carbon fibre race bike to an artificially intelligent chess program. I enjoy the obvious sporting activities, who doesn't? It may be evident already I'm a bit cycle crazy and love weekend cycle rides. Anything else sporting from skiing to scuba diving I also love; when I can afford it anyway...

Tutor Experience

The entire point of academia is to spread knowledge; and an academic who cannot effectively communicate esoteric knowledge in my opinion not an academic at all. This is one of the reasons I'm very passionate about tutoring and teaching, it's incredibly important to my personal morals and existence even! I think this honest enthusiasm I have for maths and physics is what makes me an effective tutor. I try my best to ensure I create personalised homework and classwork based on your student's needs to push them as far as I can, and aid them in meeting their potential. I assess the most effective learning style for the student, in order to optimise the way I teach and attempt to gain the most from each tuition session. Above all, I try to make sure the student has fun whilst studying and wants to pursue studies further.

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PhD Candidate in Physics, University of Cambridge

MRes in Electronic Engineering, University of Cambridge

MSci in Physics, Imperial College London


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