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University of Exeter - History - Ph.D


Based in Spain; Recently gained a Ph.D. in Middle East History from the University of Exeter. Currently part-time lecturer on Politics and Sociology at a private Spanish university.

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About me

I know history, politics and sociology and I love sharing my knowledge. I promise my student that I will always get them to "visualise" what is happening in their readings . I know, from experience, that after some time with me you will "get it". And there's nothing more satisfying to me than seeing you "get it"!

Tutor Experience

I have 3 years of tutoring experience with university students in two countries at two universities with great diversity among the student bodies.
I can teach you about Global Politics, Middle East/Africa Area Studies, European Politics, UK, French and Imperial History, Political Sociology and International Relations.

I have taught the following classes: "The Middle East Mandates", "Politics and Economy of the Modern Middle East", "A History of the Modern Middle East", "Transjordan", "Making History", "Approaches to History", "Globalization of World Politics", "Contemporary Theories Of World Politics", "Political Sociology", "Introduction To States And Societies", "International Financial System and Institutions".

My work experience for NGOs and Government has focussed on: Good Governance in Africa, UK and EU Labour and Business Legislation, helping to scrutinise draft bills before the UK Houses of Parliament.

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