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PhD candidate in economics and I would be happy to help you with economics, statistics, programming, academic writing and all things related.

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About me

I have studied a lot of economics and I currently approach my PhD degree. I chose to dive deep into economics because I thought it was an interesting topic. I love how microeconomic theory is powerful enough to be applicable to literally everything in our society. Along my path I realized that the statistical tools we used are really cool on its own, and can be widely used wherever you go after graduation.

I truly believe than if you navigate through the confusing (and sometimes dry) beginning of economics and statistics, you'll find it just as fascinating and useful as I have done. I hope that I can help you reach that point. I am confident that if you find relatable applications and examples, microeconomics will be interesting to any person interested in humans and society.

On the personal side, I love sports and board games. Mainly because I love to compete (but hate to lose).

Tutor Experience

I have taught at the university (bachelor and master level) for several years. I have been active on various courses, mainly in microeconomics and econometrics. This includes lecturing, teaching assistance, helping students with statistical programming, and giving feedback on writing. Online as well as offline.

Before my PhD studies, I was already employed by the university as a student mentor to help students with learning disabilities. I helped them with study techniques, explaining course content, and planning their own studies. This required me to identify a way of teaching that worked for each individual student.

Topic Expertise

Economics, microeconomics, behavioral economics, industrial organization, statistics, econometrics, statistical programming (e.g. STATA, Python, R), machine learning, web scraping, academic writing.

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PhD candidate in economics, including teaching (Lund University)

MSc degree in economics (Lund University)

BSc degree in economics (Lund University)


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