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University of Oxford - Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) - MBiochem


My strong mathematical and scientific background, combined with my organisational skills and patience, makes me an ideal tutor to help others flourish

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About me

Outside of academia, I run my own company as well as playing a lot of sport. Not shy of hard work and long hours, I spend every vacation running my own business, as well as training and selling horses. Moreover, having worked for my father’s event management company since I was 14, I am a strong team player and decision maker, as I am regularly put in charge of running events for up to 200 people and 10 staff. During the winter, I play football competitively for my college at Oxford and in the summer I play polo with Oxford and other teams outside of Oxford.

Tutor Experience

I have a strong ability to articulate complex ideas simply, and to debate those ideas confidently, which has been enhanced through my degree and time at the European Youth Parliament. In particular, they have given me the mental tools and aptitude to learn, understand, analyse and explain. I believe this is an important quality of a good tutor, where you have to sift through large quantities of information and present them in a well-constructed, logical way for others to follow. Much of my studying has been self-taught and through this, I have learnt the most efficient and productive ways to take in information and subsequently use this this knowledge to pass onto others. And although every person learns in a different way, it requires a good tutor with patience, dedication and organisation to spot the individuals learning pattern and use this to their advantage. I believe I have the right skills to help others learn and flourish in an increasingly competitive educational environment.

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