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I am a current PhD student and university teacher - I love chemistry and have tutored extensively, specialising in A-Level learning and university applications to Oxbridge and Russel group institutions.

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About Me

I am currently doing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester, having previously studied Chemistry at Oxford University. Chemistry is fascinating and I love exploring its different areas, through school, my undergraduate degree and now where I research new methods of energy storage and do exciting experiments in my own lab.

I went to UCS in north london, getting 4 A*s at A-Level in Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and History (I was almost a historian!) before doing my undergraduate degree at Oxford. I am friendly, fun and love finding different ways to explain complex scientific ideas, together we can work out the best way forward for you.

I am also a very keen rugby player, having been an Oxford Blue in 2017 and playing semi-professionally for Preston Grasshoppers. I love cooking as well - but that I just do for me.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring for over 7 years and I have extensive experience teaching indviduals, small group tutorials and large group lessons. I have never had a bad experience with a student yet! I really enjoy finding the right way to explain a topic as different people understand things in different ways, and I love sharing my knowledge of cool science and interesting technology.

I am currently a teacher at the University of Manchester where I design and teach small group tutorials on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering topics. I also run larger problem classes in Chemistry, Maths and Chemical Engineering. Separately, I teach advance placement tutorials for small groups of STEM focussed A-Level students, helping them broaden their scientific knowledge to help with UCAS applications.

I tutor both UK based and international students individually in A-Level Chemistry and Maths, and have had several students successfully complete their exams to a higher grade than they expected. I have also supported students when applying for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities with advanced learning, interview preparation and application help.

I also provide GCSE tutoring, currently in all Sciences and Maths.

Topic Expertise

My main area of expertise is Chemistry. I have an in depth knowledge of:
- A-Level, all syllabus topics for covering all major exam boards
- University application topics and further learning to enhance applications
- University interview topics, questions and practical advice
- 1st/2nd year undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

I am also well versed with Maths A-Level syllabus topics (covering all major exam boards). Professionally, my knowledge covers energy storage, clean energy integration and novel energy storage technologies.

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PhD - Researcher in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester
MChem - Master's Degree in Chemistry from Oxford University
AMRSC - Associate Member, Royal Society of Chemistry
AFHEA - Associate Fellow of Advance HE (formally the Higher Education Accademy).

Advance HE is an organisation that is dedicated to driving higher education forward and making it better for all. To be awarded AFHEA status one must demonstrates a personal commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.


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