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Professional Online GCSE Single Science Tutors

All of our high quality online gcse single science tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Single Science tutor Amelia
Music, University of Cambridge

Friendly, experienced Music specialist (KS3 to A Level). I'm passionate about helping students achieve their goals, build confidence, and explore their interests.

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97 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Yeung
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Science: Chemistry & Master of Arts in Education, University College London (UCL)

I am a dedicated science teacher with 5 years of secondary school teaching experience in London. I am passionate about teaching and education. I am currently studying for a PhD, and have a MA from UCL and a BSc from University of St Andrews.

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339 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Nina
Masters in education, Wolverhampton university

Experienced science teacher and previous examiner with a passion for online tutoring. Tutoring available for all abilities.

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professional online Single Science tutor Emma
Neuroscience, Aston University

Experienced secondary science teacher and neuroscientist. I have a lifelong love of learning and the brain and want to encourage as many young scientists as possible to take up STEM.

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professional online Single Science tutor Wafaa
PhD, The University of Leeds
1951 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor James
Environmental Engineering and Geochemistry, Newcastle University

I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Geochemistry and I am passionate about teaching natural sciences to the next generation, and getting people interested in STEM subjects. I have a track record of delivering high quality tuition at competitive prices, and I invite anyone who is self-motivated and interested in excelling in their GCSEs/IGCSEs to get in contact with me if you need any further help with physics and/or chemistry.

** For the academic year 2023-2024 I will be undertaking a teacher training course (PGCE), so unfortunately I will have limited availability **

View Full Profile
1882 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Rebecca
Chemistry, King's College, University of London

Experienced chemistry tutor and former examiner from the UK. My educational background includes a grammar school education and a 1st Class Honours degree in chemistry from a top Russell Group University.

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1296 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Maral
Environmental Policies and Energy Sustainability , Imperial College London

Imperial College PhD graduate with 10 years of tutoring experience in Maths, Science and English. I thrive on your growth and achievements and I'd love to see you achieve your goals.

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306 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Noel
Chemistry, University of Manchester

Fully Qualified Teacher of GCSE, IGCSE, A level Chemistry, GCSE Physics and Science for 33+ years. Educated at Manchester University and Girton College, Cambridge University. Examiner in GCSE, A level Chemistry and GCSE Physics for 25+ years.

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135 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Michael
Biochemistry and Microbiology, Westminster university

PhD educated and owner of a small tuition centre focused on KS3+4 science.

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309 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Shelley
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and PGCE in Secondary Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Bedford

Experienced science, specifically biology, teacher with over ten years experience working with GCSE and A level students across many examination boards. I am a former head of department and biology lead at a top UK sixth form centre.

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737 hours taught
professional online Single Science tutor Mark
Biology and Psychology, Keele University

I have the passion, knowledge, commitment and drive to maximise the life chances of students by providing a stimulating, exciting, challenging, respectful and safe environment. I focus on the fine detail to ensure students can excel.

View Full Profile
168 hours taught

Recent Single Science GCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Harriet - Anna- Single Science - GCSE
3rd October 2023
Harriet is amazing - exactly what my son needed.
Katie - Nina - Single Science - GCSE
15th January 2022
Mic issue fixed. Just needed to sgin into a proper zoom account. Apart from that lesson was great, well roken down and explained and able to understand clearly.
Katie - Nina - Single Science - GCSE
21st December 2021
despite the mic issues, the class was perfect katie really went into good depth which was helpful.


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FAQs for GCSE Single-Science Tutors

What subjects do you offer tutoring for at the GCSE level?

At Spires Online Tutors, we provide tutoring across a broad spectrum of GCSE subjects, with a strong emphasis on sciences. Our tutors are proficient in GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, and GCSE Physics. They are particularly experienced in aiding students who are focusing on single-science GCSE subjects.

How can a GCSE Single-Science tutor help me improve my grades?

Our tutors, who are well-versed in the intricacies of GCSE single-science subjects, offer an invaluable wealth of experience. These experienced science tutors can furnish you with tailored guidance, clarifying complex science concepts and providing exam preparation techniques for boards like OCR and AQA. Their expertise will substantially elevate your level of understanding across the sciences, assisting you in achieving higher grades in your GCSEs.

Can I choose a tutor who specializes in a specific Single-Science subject?

Absolutely! We fully comprehend that each student comes with their own unique set of academic requirements. Therefore, we enable you to choose not just any tutor, but one specialised tutor in the particular science subject that aligns with your needs. Whether you’re focused on lessons in Biology, lessons in Chemistry, or even lessons in Physics, we’ve got you covered. All our GCSE science tutors are not just tutors; they’re specialists with a high level of experience and comprehensive expertise in their respective science fields, including Physics.

How do I schedule tutoring sessions with GCSE Single-Science teachers?

Scheduling lessons with one of our GCSE science tutors is simple. After you’ve created an account on our online platform specifically tailored for science tutoring, you can search through a variety of tutors’ profiles. These profiles allow you to get an idea about each tutor’s qualifications and expertise in GCSE science. Once you’ve chosen one specific tutor whose GCSE science qualifications align with your tutoring needs, you can go ahead and schedule your science tutoring lessons at your convenience with your chosen tutor.

Are the tutoring sessions with GCSE Science tutors conducted online?

Absolutely, every one of our tutoring lessons is conducted online by our qualified tutors. We use a highly intuitive online classroom platform designed to facilitate seamless interaction between tutors and students interested in GCSE science. This online format ensures that you can enjoy the convenience and ease of accessing high-quality science tuition, including physics, right from the comfort of your own home, with our experienced tutors.

How long are the tutoring sessions?

Sessions with our tutors usually last one hour, but the duration of these lessons can be customised to suit each student’s needs and the tutor’s availability. Our goal for these lessons, facilitated by our tutors, is to provide focused, effective one-hour lessons that aim to maximise your GCSE-level outcomes. Each lesson is designed with the student’s learning objectives in mind, and our tutors are dedicated to ensuring each one is beneficial.

Can I request additional study materials from my GCSE Single-Science tutor?

Absolutely! Our devoted tutors are prepared to furnish you with supplementary study materials to further elevate your understanding of GCSE sciences. These tutors aim to meet your individual educational needs by providing extra GCSE-level practice questions and GCSE science resources that align perfectly with the GCSE level curriculum for science subjects, including Physics.

How do I track my progress with my GCSE Single-Science tutor?

We believe strongly in the crucial aspect of assessing your GCSE level of improvement on a regular basis. Our tutors in the various branches of sciences will offer you consistent GCSE-level feedback and assessments. These science tutors will focus keenly on identifying your GCSE-level strengths as well as science areas requiring more concentrated attention, to provide a comprehensive and balanced GCSE-level learning experience.

Can I request help with specific topics within a Single-Science subject?

Certainly, our adept science tutors are proficient across all areas of the GCSE-level single-science syllabus. Whether you require targeted science assistance in specific topics within GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, or GCSE Physics, our tutors are expertly equipped to tailor their GCSE-level lessons to satisfy your unique educational requirements in science subjects.

How experienced are the Science tutors at Spires Online Tutors?

Our tutors undergo a stringent GCSE-level selection process to ensure they possess the required qualifications and high-level expertise in science education at the GCSE level. These tutors have extensive experience teaching GCSE-level single-science subjects and are thoroughly conversant in both the GCSE science curriculum and the requirements for GCSE science examinations. Rest assured, with our tutors you will be benefitting from a supremely skilled and knowledgeable cadre of science educators at the GCSE level.

Can I request a trial session with a GCSE Single-Science tutor?

Yes, we do offer trial sessions with our GCSE Single-Science tutors. This invaluable opportunity allows you to assess not just the teaching style but also the subject expertise of the science tutors in question. This enables you, the student, to make an informed decision at the GCSE level before committing to regular tutoring sessions with one of our exceptional science tutors. We believe in offering all students a personalised and effective learning experience, and a trial session is an excellent way to experience this firsthand.

How much does GCSE Single-Science tutoring at Spires Online Tutors cost?

Our tuition rates for GCSE science subjects can vary depending on the tutors’ level of experience and qualifications. To get the best sense of the cost, you can view profiles of all our science tutors online. Rest assured, every tutor has a high level of expertise in GCSE sciences, including physics. Investing in quality tutoring with our science tutors and teachers is a pivotal step towards achieving academic success at the GCSE level for any student.

Are there any additional benefits of choosing Spires Online Tutors for GCSE Single-Science tutoring?

Absolutely! In addition to our highly qualified GCSE science tutors, we offer all students a range of benefits to enhance the level of their science learning experience. This includes access to an extensive library of GCSE level science resources, personalised GCSE study plans tailored by our tutors and teachers, and ongoing support from our dedicated customer service team. We are fully committed to the success of all students in their science subjects, including physics.

How can a student get started with GCSE Single-Science tutoring at Spires Online Tutors?

For any student eager to boost their performance at the GCSE level in science, getting started with us is straightforward. Simply create an account on our website, search through the list of all our available tutors, and select the GCSE science tutor whose profile aligns best with your GCSE level science needs. After that, students can easily schedule their first science tutoring session and take the first step on their journey towards GCSE academic excellence.

What if I have additional questions or concerns about GCSE Single-Science tutoring?

We’re here to assist all students throughout their GCSE science tutoring experience. If you or any other student has further queries or concerns at the GCSE level, our customer service team is readily available. Please feel free to reach out to us via email or live chat, and our science tutors and support team will provide all the necessary information and assistance you may require.

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