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My name is Dario, I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Manchester University. I am originally from Italy, but have lived in the UK continuosly for over five years and done my entire university studies in Computer Science at Sheffield University and Manchester University. I have then worked in technology as a software engineer for over a year before returning to research.

I have been tutoring students online and in person for over three years, and helped dozens of students excel in their studies. I am familiar with the syllabus and requirements for all major courses (Computer Science, Computing, ICT, Programming, etc.) at all levels (GCSE, A-Levels, International Baccalaureate and Undergraduate/Postgraduate University Studies).

Client Reviews

Simi - Computer Science

Dario has been a great help to my daughter studying for GCSE Computer Science and in the first 2 lessons has managed to explain the topic clearly, greatly improving her understanding.

Mounir - Computer Science

Brilliant explanation and class

Mounir - Computer Science

Great Class

Mounir - Computer Science

Great class

Mounir - Computer Science

Great Class and great explanations as always

Mounir - Computer Science

Very useful and easily understandable explanation

Carlo - Computer Science

The class was amazing and fun, I had all my questions answered with great expertise. I am totally looking forward to the next one.

Domingo - Computer Science

The lesson was great, I got to understand Iterations and Arrays (with its definitions) quite easily, since Dario's explanations were simple to understand and assimilate.

Domingo - Computer Science

The class was great. The explanations given by Dario were really easy to understand, and easy to remember.

Yemi - Computer Science

Dario's lessons have really improved both my knowledge and confidence in computer science and I would definitely reccomend him to anyone looking to improve in either of these aspects for computer science!


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Bachelor Degree, Computer Science (First Class), The University of Sheffield
Master's Degree in Advanced Computer Science (Distinction), The University of Manchester


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